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Avialeasing has requested the compelled bankruptcy

the Conflict between one of the largest carriers UTair and Perm investitsionno - the financial company (IFK) Avialeasing has forced last to put in the statement for self-bankruptcy. UTair has made capital repairs of two boards rented at IFK. Avialeasing to pay repair refuses, as considers that UTair has not received its consent to carrying out of these works. Vice-president IFK Victor Novikov says that the statement for self-bankruptcy has been submitted, as the company cannot pay taxes. Experts say that such scheme is used often enough.

statement IFK for introduction at the enterprise of external supervision has been registered in arbitration court of the Perm edge on November, 3rd. As the vice-president " has explained; Avialeasing Victor Novikov, two aircrafts That is 154, from - for which IFK has legal proceedings with UTair, are a unique source of the income Avialeasing without reception of payments for them the company cannot exist.

we will remind, about the conflict between UTair and Avialeasing it became known in September. Then IFK has addressed in Arbitration court Hunts - Mansijsky district with the requirement about a recognition of the void insignificant unilateral transaction about offset of requirements on payment of rent of two liners That is 154 on account of compensation of cost of major repairs of planes.

two That is 154 with board numbers RA - 85789 and RA - 85681 have been repaired in the summer of this year at branch UTair in Ufa. The total cost of repair has made more than 30,4 million rbl. Corresponding invoices have been exposed to Avialeasing in the end of August, 2011. According to the claimant, the requirement with IFK costs of repair That is 154 is illegal as repair in infringement of lease contracts UTair has been carried out without the coordination with the owner of planes. On September, 21st Avialeasing has addressed with the petition for acceptance obespechitelnyh measures in the form of an interdiction to the respondent to carry out unilateral offset of its obligations to Joint-Stock Company IFK Avialeasing on payment of rent payments. The claimant motivated the petition with that nonacceptance of the specified measures can cause to the company a considerable damage. However the court has refused satisfaction of the given petition. Now arbitration court definition is considered in the Eighth appeal arbitration court.

practically simultaneously IFK has addressed with the statement in Office of Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area of Perm with the request to inspect circumstances of repair of aircrafts.

In it it was specified that UTair, its branches have no licences and certificates for major repairs of aircrafts of the given type. One more claim Avialeasing that repair has been ostensibly spent without stay of operation of courts - not in the conditions of aircraft repair factories is.

as a result the Office of Public Prosecutor has sent the statement to colleagues from HMAO.

Yesterday mister Novikov has confirmed that the claim about self-bankruptcy has actually been submitted from - for impossibility to pay taxes debts on which will collect from - for prolonged judicial lawsuits. we are not going to accumulate debts before the budget, - the vice-president has explained, - therefore and have decided to put in the statement for introduction of external supervision . It is necessary to notice that IFK Avialeasing used privileges under the transport tax in Prikamye. So, in 2009 the rate of the transport tax to the planes having jet aircraft engines, has been lowered with 50 to 36 rbl. for 1 kg of force of draught.

meanwhile the sources close to to Avialeasing assert that ostensibly during check of Rostransnadzora it has been established that at the enterprise which were carrying out capital repairs Those is 154, there is no licence for manufacture of works of the given type, and the declared amount of works has not been spent actually. Earlier in UTair the version about capital repairs of aircrafts without the corresponding licence categorically denied. With general director UTair Andrey Martirosovym yesterday it was not possible to communicate.

the Head of the legal company SHilkov and partners Artem Shilkov says that such scheme is used often enough. As mister Shilkov marks, after introduction of procedure of external supervision the enterprise will get under the moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors which including extends on tax payments. Actually it is original tax vacation, - the expert speaks, - such way is applied, when possibility to pay taxes is not present, but it can appear further .