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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company Firm Vincent Lukina O. V (664047, Irkutsk, and/ I 165) inform on not taken place auctions appointed on 31. 10. 2011, and also informs on sale of property of the debtor by the electronic auctions in the form of auction with use of the open form of representation of offers on the property price: the Prize 1 - the Ground area, a total area of 60 235 sq. m, cadastral number 38:35:010224:41, located to the address: Irkutsk region, Winter, mikrn. Angarsk, 2, the price 1 409 400,00 rbl.

the Auctions will be made in conformity FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) and the Order of Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia from 15. 02. 10 54 on an electronic trading platform of Open Company Systems of the ELECTRONIC Auctions in a network the Internet to the address: http:// bankruptcy. selt - online. ru.

To participation in the auctions are supposed physical and the legal bodies, in due time submitted to the Operator of an electronic platform the application form for participation in the auctions and the documents specified in item 11 of item 110 FZ 127 - FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) demands acceptance begins with date of publication of the report of information about tendering in the newspaper also time local is carried out within 25 working days from 09:00 till.

for participation in the auctions the applicant lists the deposit at a rate of 10 % from the initial price of sale of property, the deposit is brought on r/ sch 40702810700010000157, Irkutsk branch Brotherly ANKB Open Society, BIK 042520702, an INN 3803202031, an auction step - 5 % from the initial price of sale.

the winner of the open auctions the participant of the auctions who have offered the highest price admits.

Acquaintance with conditions of the spent auctions, summarising of the auctions, the contract draught of purchase and sale and the deposit contract in a network the Internet to the address: http:// bankruptcy. selt - online. ru. Acquaintance with characteristics of sold property are carried out about Irkutsk, street the Top quay 167/ 8 in reception hours of demands and on bodies. (3952 782 - 067, 782 - 012.