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the Organizer of the auctions of Open Company Aris holds the repeated auctions on real estate sale Open Company Vest - the Line , realised by a uniform prize: the Prize 1 - Uninhabited premises a total area of 1012,70 sq. m in a building (shop, lighted.); floors: basement, 1; the Ground area the area of 1865 sq. m located to the address: Vladivostok, street Vjazovaja, 1 - Century the Initial price - 62 085 600 rbl. the Auctions (auction with the open form of representation of the offer on the price) are spent 27. 12. 2011 an electronic trading platform of Open Society the Russian auction house placed to the address: www. lot - online. ru (further under text ETP) in 09 - 00 (hereinafter time Moscow). The deposit of 5 % from the initial price, a step of auction of 5 % from the initial price. Application forms for participation in the auctions move with 21. 11. 2011 on 23. 12. 2011 With 05 - 00 to 10 - 00 through ETP, according to the order established by regulations of a platform, order MERTa 54 from 19. 02. 10, FZ - 127 from 22. 10. 02

can take part In the auctions legal and the physical persons who submitted the demands and have listed the deposit to 23. 12. 11 on r/ from the organizer of the auctions of Open Company Aris an INN 2721162474, r/ with 40702810408010021171 in Open Society Nomos - Regiobank Khabarovsk, BIK 040813737, to/ with 30101810500000000737. At application the applicant represents the original of the payment document on deposit entering; notarially certified copies of constituent documents, certificates on registration, an INN, an extract from EGRJUL, the decision of controls of the applicant on property acquisition (jur. The person, IP) or notarially the certified copy of the passport, the INN certificate, the consent of the spouse to property acquisition (fiz. The person); The power of attorney or other documents confirming powers of the person to operate on behalf of the applicant, data on interest to the persons participating in business about bankruptcy, or the specified documents for elektronno - the digital signature of the applicant. Summarising of the auctions - during a half an hour from the moment of end of the auctions. The winner the person who has offered the greatest price admits. In day of summarising the report on results of auction which takes place on ETP is made. With the winner of auction in the terms established by item 19 of item 110 FZ - 127, the purchase and sale contract consists; the deposit will become engrossed in reading on account of execution of obligations under the concluded contract. Final settlement is made within thirty days on Open Company settlement account Vest - the Line an INN 2538076843, r/ with 40702810050000002640, Seaside branch 8635 Open Societies the Savings Bank of Russia Open Society, Vladivostok, BIK 040507601, to/ with 30101810800000000601. The additional information on objects of sale, conditions of survey and on a tendering order is given to the address: 690000, Vladivostok, street Saratov, 9, with the preliminary coordination on ph. 8 - 924 - 726 - 1409, (4212 381 - 430, (4232 775 - 358, el. Mail: arisdv@mail. ru.