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the Repeated auctions on property sale Open Company OLEOHIM , appointed on 17. 10. 2011, are recognised by not taken place. The organizer of the auctions - konkurnyj the operating Sidelev V. V (NP SMSO AU the mailing address: Voronezh, Freedom street, 14/ 700, bodies. (473) 239 - 51 - 11, e - a mail: vvsidelev@list. ru) informs on carrying out with 21. 11. 2011 on 21. 12. 2011 of the electronic auctions by means of the public offer on sale of property of Open Company OLEOHIM : the Prize 1: the Building of transformer substation, a building of shop of manufacture of fat spirits, a building of the higher fat spirits, a building elektroliznogo a site, household premises of manufacture of fat spirits, a building of a site of rectification of spirits, a box of BALES PEK - 1, a platform for tanks of fat spirits, the base under tank Dauterma butobetonnyj, the base under capacities PZHS, coverings road, ventilation, gate iron, gate automobile, a fence on territories PZHS, a service canopy aspiratsii, TP substations 11, an external electric lighting, electric mains above cable and air, technological pipelines, air pipes, sewer lines and networks, platforms, a stage to shop 1, a network thermal main, the transformer power, a board power, a column eterifikatsionnaja graphite tarelchataja, a column graphite, the reactor enameled, the reactor steel enameled, elektrotelfer, a copper - the tank, a copper water-heating, a telex, the chassis tractor, the copier, Case refrigerating, meshkozashivochnaja the car, knots of the account of heat, a case exhaust, the switching centre chamber, the right of rent of the ground area. The initial price - 21 736 642,50 rbl. Property is to the address: the Belgorod region, Shchebekino, street Moscow, 16. The deposit - 20 % of the initial price of the established period, is brought on the basis of the contract on the deposit on r/ from the organizer: Open Company OLEOHIM an INN/ a check point 3129002000/ 361701001, 40702810844000001229 in f - le Open Society URALSIB in Voronezh, BIK 042007453, to/ with 30101810100000000453. Size of decrease in the initial price: each 3 calendar days on 30 % from the initial price of the previous period. Floor price of sale of a prize - 877 151,93 rbl. the Auctions are spent in the electronic form on an electronic trading platform of Open Company Auctions of Siberia to the address in a network the Internet: http:// www. ausib. ru. Application forms for participation in the auctions move in the electronic form by means of electronic document circulation. Following documents are applied on the demand: for jur. Persons - notarially certified copies of constituent and registration documents (the charter, the articles of incorporation, the certificate on statement on the account in tax department, the certificate on the state registration jur. Persons, the certificate on record entering in EGRJUL, the report on appointment of the director or the decision of the unique participant), notarially the certified copy of the decision of proxy controls of the applicant about acquisition of the property exposed on the auctions, annual buh. The reporting for 2010 (1, 2), confirming break-even of the organisation or the declaration under the tax paid under unified social tax for 2010 (with a mark about acceptance by tax department), notarially the certified copy of the certificate confirming the right of application of the simplified tax system, notarially the certified copy of an extract from EGRJUL (it is valid within 14 days from the date of delivery), the inquiry from the register of the disqualified persons, containing data on the applicant (for heads). For IP and fiz. Persons: notarially certified extract from EGRIP (for IP), is valid within 14 days from the date of delivery, notarially certified copies of the passport, the consent of the spouse (spouse) to acquisition of the property exposed on the auctions, copies of the certificate on statement for the account in tax department, certificates on the state registration (for IP), simplified tax system copies for 2010, 3 - NDFL. For all categories of applicants: Notarially the passport certified copy, the inquiry from tax department about open settlement (obverse) and other accounts of the Applicant in banks and other credit organisations, the inquiry from the bank, confirming sum presence on the settlement (obverse) account for application date in size, not less initial price of sale of property, the inquiry about vzaimoraschetah with the budget, given out by tax department, the inquiry from bank about turns of money resources under open settlement accounts for last 6 months, the inquiry from police about absence of the raised criminal cases concerning the Applicant, the document confirming entering of the deposit with the acceptance of bank.

registration and demands acceptance is made to the address in a network the Internet: http:// ausib. ru, since 15:00 hour. 21. 11. 2011 to 17:00 hour 21. 12. 2011 Results of the public offer are brought on an electronic trading platform 22. 12. 2011 at 11 o`clock. 00 minutes The right of acquisition of property belongs to the applicant who has submitted the first when due hereunder the demand with the appendix of necessary documents, and has offered as much as possible high price which should be not below the initial price of the established period. The purchase and sale contract should be signed the winner of the public offer within five days from the date of reception of the offer competitive operating to conclude the contract of purchase and sale of property. Payment under the contract should be carried out within 30 days from the date of its signing on requisites specified for deposit transfer.