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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director of Open Company Kurganmasterstroj Bobryshev Evgenie Valerevich (a member of PAU TSFO Moscow, Ostapovsky pr - d, d. 3, p. 6, of. 201, an INN 7705431418, OGRN 1027700542209), the address for correspondence: the Barrow, K.Mjagotina`s street, 117/ 21, (3522 464734, kr1500@mail. ru - informs: the repeated auctions on property sale Open Company Kurganmasterstroj (an INN 4501116596, OGRN 1054500116824) the Kurgan region, the Barrow, street Dzerzhinsky, 43, spent 28. 10. 2011 on a site: www. fabrikant. ru, in the form of open auction, are recognised by taken place. By the winner of the auctions Individual businessman Kaplauh Sergey Nikolaevich, the address is recognised: the Kurgan region, a city the Barrow, street Burova - Petrov, d. 3, sq. 93, the INN 450103645483 which have offered for capacities for loose materials in number of 3 - h pieces the price at a rate of 517860 rbl. Interest of the winner in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director is absent. The competitive managing director, the self-adjustable organisation of the arbitration managing directors which member is the competitive managing director, do not participate in the capital of the winner of the auctions.