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the Organizer of the auctions and the seller of property - the competitive managing director SPK the Quiet Don Glagolev Roman Anatolevich informs on reduction of the auctions on sale of ground areas SPK the Quiet Don (an INN 7129001155, a check point 711201001, OGRN 1027102673410, the legal address: 301946, the Tula area, Kurkinsky area, village Orlovka). The auctions are spent in the form of auction on increase of the price, opened on structure of participants and closed under the form of giving of offers on the price. The auctions are spent 22. 12. 2011. In 14. 00 Moscow time, to the address: Moscow, Mira prospectus, d. 68, p. 1, of. 606. On the auctions it is exposed the Prize 1 : 7 ground areas of agricultural purpose, for agricultural production, a total area of 157150 sq. m having address reference points: the Tula area, Kurkinsky area, Griboedovsky volost. Cadastral numbers of sites: 71:13:020101:219, 71:13:020101:221, 71:13:020104:7, 71:13:020105:20, 71:13:020106:30, 71:13:020105:21, 71:13:020101:220. The initial price of sale - 516 800 (Five hundred sixteen thousand eight hundred roubles) roubles, the VAT is not assessed. Acquaintance with the Prize 1 - to the address of the debtor. Acquaintance with materials of the auctions and demands acceptance is carried out with 21. 11. 2011 on 16. 12. 2011, in the working days with 11. 00 ch. To 16. 00 ch. Moscow time, to the address: 129110, Moscow, Mira prospectus, 68, p. 1, of. 606, bodies. (495 680 - 11 - 93. Consideration of demands - 19. 12. 2011 in 14. 00 ch. Moscow time in a demands acceptance place. Detailed data about Lota 1, contract draughts of the deposit and the purchase and sale contract are placed on a site of the Uniform federal register of data bankruptcy: http:// fedresurs. ru.

To participation in the auctions are supposed legal, physical persons, the individual businessmen recognised as buyers according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, in due time made an application and other necessary documents which concluded the contract on the deposit and have listed the deposit on settlement account SPK the Quiet Don . For participation in the auctions are represented: the demand under the established form, the inventory of documents in 2 - h copies, properly certified copies of constituent documents and the documents confirming the right of the buyer on participation in the auctions, the documents confirming transfer of the deposit, the documents confirming powers of the representative of the applicant. The deposit makes 20 % from the initial price. Bank details for calculations: the addressee - SPK the Quiet Don an INN 7129001155, a check point 711201001, OGRN 1027102673410, r/ with 40702810500010002226 in AKB SERVICE - the RESERVE BANK (Joint-Stock Company), Moscow, to/ with 30101810500000000963, an INN 6829000290, a check point 775001001, BIK 044583963. The winner the person who has offered the highest price admits. The announcement of the winner - in day of tendering. Summarising - 31. 01. 2012 in 14. 00 ch. Moscow time. The conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale - not later than ten days from the date of summarising of the auctions, payment under the contract - not later than thirty days from the date of summarising of the auctions.