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the Organizer of the auctions - konkurnyj the operating Tkachev V. Ja (NP First SRO AU; 610002, Kirov, street Uritsky, 12) informs on a recognition of open auction in the electronic form, appointed on 02. 11. 2011, on property sale SHPK (collective farm) of a name of Govorova (an INN 4330000077, a check point 433001001, OGRN 1034310500058, the legal address: 613348, the Kirov region, Soviet r - n, d. Lesnikovo, street Soviet, d. 38) not taken place in connection with absence of demands the Repeated auctions will take place 26. 12. 2011 at 10 o`clock. In the form of auction on the increase, opened on structure of participants and the form of giving of offers on the price, on following prizes: the Prize 1 an office building in d. Lesnikovo the Soviet area of the Kirov region, the initial price of a prize - 303 300 rbl. the Prize 2 a uniform prize in structure: the Pigsty of Zavertnaja; Table Borok; the Farm of KRS Zavertnaja - 2 pieces; the Farm of KRS Lesnikovo; the Dispatching office; the Gas warehouse; Material warehouse; the Dispensary; the Shed; the Hay storage - 2 pieces; the Warehouse of spare parts; the Hole of Borok; the Hole of Zavertnaja; the Hole of Lesnikovo, the initial price of a prize - 123 100 rbl. the Prize 3 a uniform prize in structure: Trailer RKB; Buldozernaja naveska; Buldozernaja naveska D - 606; GAS - 35 - 07 - 3 pieces; DT - 75; DT - 75 MVS; Loading of seeders; ZIL - MMZ - 554 - 2 pieces; KAVZ - 685 (bus); the Combine Yenisei - 1200 N; KSM - 4 - 2 pieces; Cultivator KPS - 4 - 01 - 3 pieces; Cultivator KRN - 4,2; M/ a column; the Hammer for a smithy; Motor-pump MPM - 12; the Desktop drill; the Plough tractor PLN - 4 - 35 - 3 pieces; the Press rolled; the Press - sorter PRP - 1,6; Seeder SZ - 3,6 - And - 05 - 2.; Seeder SZP - 3,6; the Silage trench - 3 pieces; Stogometatel PF - 0,5; Tractor MTZ - 80 - 2 pieces; Tractor MTZ - 80 l.; UAZ - 31512; UAZ - 3303; the Grain van, the initial price of a prize - 337 700 rbl. of the Site of property the Kirov region, the Soviet area, d. Lesnikovo. The auctions on prizes 1 and 2 are spent in the electronic form according to regulations ETP 2 - Center on a site www. b2b - centre. ru. The auctions on a prize 3 are spent to the address: Kirov, street Uritsky, 12, of. 8. For participation in the auctions it is necessary to make an application with 19. 11. 2011 on 23. 12. 2011 inclusive (till 15 o`clock) with the appendix of documents (certified copies): an extract from EGRJUL (ERGIP), documents on state registration, the passport (for the physical person), the document confirming powers of the representative, requisites of the account for return of the deposit, the proof of approval of the transaction participants (for legal persons), the document on deposit payment. The deposit at a rate of 10 % from the initial price. A step of increase of the initial price - 5 % from the initial price. Acquaintance with draught agreements on the deposit and purchase and sale contracts is carried out on ETP and at the organizer of the auctions on a venue of the auctions on a prize 3. Summarising of the auctions on prizes 1, 2 will take place on ETP, on a prize 3 - on a venue of the auctions, in day of the termination of auction. The deposit is brought in demands acceptance terms on requisites: r/ with 40703810900000050374 in Open Society KB Hlynov Kirov, BIK 043304711, to/ with 30101810100000000711. The winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price admits. An order and imprisonment terms of the contract within 5 days from the date of signing of the report on results of the auctions. Payment term under the contract of 30 days. Acquaintance with property in the location, with documents at the organizer of the auctions. Contact bodies. (8332 37 - 06 - 32; 67 - 61 - 30, tkachew@list. ru.