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the Decision of Arbitration court of a city of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region from 12. 10. 2011 on business 56 - 38844/ 2011 Limited liability company MEHLANDIJA cities of St.-Petersburg (OGRN 1097847080044, an INN 7841405311, the location: 198032, St.-Petersburg, street Small Garden, d. 3/ 54, lighted.) openly competitive manufacture for a period of 6 months is recognised by insolvent (bankrupt), concerning it. The competitive managing director confirms Pak Nikolay Mihajlovich (by NP AU the Partner the location: 192012, St.-Petersburg, 3 - j the Rabfakovsky lane, d. 5, a building 4, letters). The correspondence to the managing director is subject to a direction to the address: 197371, St.-Petersburg, street Martynovsky, d. 14, a building 1, sq. 359. The register of requirements of creditors is subject to closing after 2 months from the date of the present publication. Requirements of creditors are accepted to the address: 198302, St.-Petersburg, avenue of Strikes, d. 85, sq. 128. Judicial session on consideration of the report of the competitive managing director is appointed on 11. 04. 2012 at 10 o`clock. 00 minutes, in court to the address: St.-Petersburg, Suvorovsky avenue, the house 50/ 52, a hall 121.