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Norms of mansard building

Penthouses will be defined to be under construction by rules

Mansard building in Moscow today already became business habitual, and almost all projects of new building in Moscow provide creation and use of a mansard floor. Till now at designing and building of penthouses the Russian experts were guided exclusively by experience of the western builders and designers. However yesterday in Russia the norms and the rules of mansard building developed by the Ministry of building of Russia together with experts of the Ministry of building and habitation of Denmark and company VELUX, specialising on manufacture and sale of dormer-windows are installed.

As until recently the problem of use of garret space was not known to the Russian builder also building norms and rules (SNiP), applied in designing and building, did not include specifications of mansard building. Despite it, since 1993 the Russian builders began to equip actively attics with additional functional premises, using thus the European norms and rules of mansard building. However used building technologies and specificity of the Russian building have put experts before necessity of adaptation of the European norms to the Russian conditions. As a result of Minstroem of Russia together with the Ministry of habitation and building of Denmark necessary additions and changes to SNiP, regulating mansard building have been developed.
According to experts of Minstroja of Russia, acceptance of the Russian specifications of designing and building of penthouses will allow to put process of mansard building on a stream as a field for this sort of activity in Moscow, for example, hugely. So, a superstructure only one five-storey apartment blocks in Moscow - and it is today one of paramount problems of the Moscow government in the field of reconstruction - will allow to receive the additional areas not less than 40 % from reconstructed fund.