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The auctions in the off-exchange currency market

In MFD has appeared Kazakh tenge

In the off-exchange currency market for the past week game possibility on a difference bank and exchange courses was essentially reduced. However preservation of essential rupture between quotations of non-cash dollar in banks allowed dealers of this market to derive high enough profit.

the Course of non-cash dollar under direct interbank transactions past week was rather mobile, therefore dealers of the interbank market had a possibility to use rupture between current rates of various banks.
however the corridor of rate fluctuations of dollar was essentially reduced for a week. So, during the day quotations under transactions with execution fluctuated this very day on 10 roubles in one and other party. Possibility of game and on a difference of bank courses and the current exchange has considerably decreased. If one week ago this it made almost 100 roubles already yesterday it did not exceed 20 rbl. According to bankers, rupture reduction between off-exchange and exchange by courses of transactions has been reached, in particular, at the expense of active participation of dealers of the Central bank at the conclusion of direct interbank transactions.
in the Moscow Interbank financial house the volume of transactions with non-cash dollars has made $27,5 million Rate fluctuation within one bank day here also were appreciable enough. For example, on Friday rupture between the minimum and maximum course of transactions has made 20 roubles. And the minimum course has fallen that day below current exchange on 6 roubles.
past week platform MFD traded for the first time in the Kazakh tenges. One transaction for the sum of 5 million tenge at the rate of 59,5 roubles (on 3 roubles above results of the auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange) has been concluded. Thus, in the Russian market there was a second interbank platform (except the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange) on which take place the auctions soft currencies. If to consider that interbank calculations in MFD pass to the day (i.e. it is essential faster, than following the results of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange auctions), it is possible to expect that many bankers will prefer platform MFD to the auctions at a currency stock exchange.