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The export program Roslesproma

Efficiency of export Roslesprom the Program of two-day meeting of the company " incurs

; Roslesprom it has appeared so extensive that its participants had to gather also for the third day - on Saturday. At meeting there were heads of the timber industry enterprises of Russia and representatives of the foreign companies entering into structure Roslesproma . The basic result of action - the statement of the export program for 1995.

the Purpose of the export program Roslesproma is neither much nor few increase of efficiency of wood export. However, and ways of its realisation amaze with scope. That the wood branch now is in a deplorable state, for anybody any more a secret, and that last time large investments into a timber industry complex have been enclosed in days of Khruschev`s board - the fact little-known. Now for branch resuscitation it is necessary an order of $30 mlrd that, certainly, small you will not name. Export can become one of financing sources, on a plan of heads of the company.
a serious role in it Roslesprom takes away to the foreign companies. In - the first, now the decision of such global problems is assigned to them, as increase in sales volumes of wood in the countries, protection of interests of the Russian exporters and attraction of foreign investors for realisation of concrete programs. In - the second, they should also to be engaged in maintenance of an advance payment of parties exported through them lesoproduktsii. Association of specialised wood banks in a uniform network of recently created National wood bank becomes following step. These, predictably, will manage to reduce terms of passage of payments for deliveries of wood to export and to internal consumers. Now in a study stage there is a transfer project Roslespromu the state part of a share holding of specialised wood ports. The great attention at meeting also has been given necessity of change of structure of wood export towards increase in a share of production of deeper degree of processing.
indirectly management intention testifies to aspiration to develop this direction Roslesproma to achieve decrease in rates of export duties, first of all, on finished goods. Among other measures the program provides introduction of the program of certification lesoproduktsii, quarterly preparation of the list of the world prices and its mailing in Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, the State Customs Committee and the timber industry enterprises. However it is necessary to notice that all these questions try, and not always without success, to solve and others, in particular, the Union lesoeksporterov and corporation Russian lesopromyshlenniki . About what struggle is conducted between them and Roslespromom for leadership in wood branch, more than once wrote (about new disagreements read on the same page).
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