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New strategy IBM in market PC

Big Blue has sharply reduced number of the trade marks

Corporation IBM in the end of last week has extended the statement for change of a firm policy raskruchivanija the trade marks in the market of personal computers. Under the official version, it is made that to simplify to the buyer a problem of a choice, purchase and possession of the personal computer . Instead of former nine names of families personalok IBM henceforth in a course there will be unified four.

Here they: IBM PC, IBM PC Server, ThinkPad and Aptiva. The first that is evident - in this list names desktop personalok PS/ 1, PS/ 2 and ValuePoint do not appear. Now they can be called more uniformly - IBM PC plus a certain number - that will persistently remind the buyer of by what firm concrete personalka is made. New strategy of names is already put into practice: simultaneously with the message on changes the company declared release of new production - desktop computers IBM PC 300 and IBM PC 700. In such designations as vice-president IBM and the head of firm IBM PC Richard Toman, buyers considers, with the majority from which the firm has a little lost contact will not get confused any more. Henceforth desktop personal computers IBM will have uniform design and a uniform warranty period - three years. Hardly it seems it is necessary to competitors. After all Compaq on - former insists on advertising self-sufficiency, for example, such names, as ProLiant, Presario and Contura, and Apple - Quadra, PowerBook and Centris.
However, two popular marks of firm IBM - ThinkPad (the portable computer) and Aptiva (the computer house) are pardoned by the decree of president IBM PC. That it is no wonder: laptops ThinkPad - winners of every possible ranks of type Premium Brand - despite the dearness are in great demand. In Europe, for example, according to the world analytical service Dataquest, thanking ThinkPad firm IBM supervises 9 % of the market of portable computers (the third place after Compaq and Toshiba). Admirers ThinkPad, by the way, have received last week from IBM a gift: there is begun release multimedia ThinkPad 755CD with the built in disk drive a compact - disks and stereodinamikami.
House series Aptiva, most likely, is left not to disorient alone the users who have got used to this world famous mark. Professionals as name the new car, all the same will understand that to what.