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Meeting of shareholders of joint-stock company Diamonds of Yakutia

Shareholders have decided to distribute to all sisters on earrings

Late at night on October, 21st in Peace session of extreme meeting of shareholders of the company " has ended; Diamonds of Yakutia . On Saturday told about the meeting agenda, today we come back to this theme, analyzing decisions of this meeting.

Shareholders have decided to dispose of destiny 23 - a percentage share holding of the largest diamond-mining company Diamonds of Russia - Sakha (ARS), till now were in company management Diamonds of Yakutia as follows. The overwhelming majority of votes (91 %) has been given for converting bezaktivnyh series actions And the companies Diamonds of Yakutia on nominal ordinary shares of company ARS. In other words, it means crushing of the share holding, belonging to labour collective. Such decision of labour collective can be regarded as a vote of no confidence of administration of the company Diamonds of Yakutia led by Vadim Masur.
according to experts, this step of shareholders is caused by their disagreement with directions of an investment policy g - on Masur, for example, investments in peat workings out in Vladimir region and manufacture of mixed fodders in Krasnodar territory. Though not all projects of administration of the company Diamonds of Yakutia were so far from diamond business. Under the information, g - n Masur was one of initiators of association of diamond factories of system the Crystal (Moscow, Barnaul and Chita) with ARS. Realisation of this project was possible only under condition of possession of the consolidated share holding ARS.
However it is impossible to consider the decision of meeting of shareholders definitive. It will demand supervisory board ARS approval. If the supervisory board does not come to a consensus that under the information, quite possibly, dispute will move to the higher spheres, in particular in the Main legal department at the President of the Russian Federation.