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The foreign property of Russia

the next recipe of general happiness

the Government of Russia Is found finishes decision working out About the property of Russia abroad an establishing rule of management by the foreign property which cost is estimated in $100 billion Document it is already co-ordinated with interested departments and can be here - here it is signed by Victor Tchernomyrdin. But kinds on the foreign property has not only the government - the State Duma has developed the project of the federal law About the foreign property which can become alternative to the governmental decree. Duma the plan was born in bowels of fraction of LDPR which in the explanatory note to the bill proclaims itself pravopreemnitsej the Supreme body (RSFSR) which 1993 has already accepted on September, 17th the corresponding decision, but to embody it was not in time - has been dismissed.

- the vice-president of committee on the property, privatisation and economic activities by academician Lisichkin, it is necessary to read the Project brought by the deputy from LDPR not from the beginning. In the beginning things ordinary - for example, actions with the foreign property, Russia contradicting interests are told, are void. Or: the property of Russia can be not only the enterprises and the earth, but also products of intellectual work . It is necessary to read the Duma project from the most important place - from article 4. And it says: the Proprietor of objects of the foreign property of the Russian Federation is the State Duma . The proprietor can delegate the responsibility to the government, local authorities, legal and to physical persons - on purpose increases in national well-being and strengthening of defensibility of the country . For management of heavy burden of the Duma property in $100 mlrd it is offered to create Committee of the Russian property which in three-monthly term will make inventory of foreign riches.
the LDPR fraction - the author of the project, certainly, in the text is true to itself. In the project is special populist article which says: objects of the foreign property of Russia - property of all citizens. Incomes (to distribute them, certainly, there will be all the same committee) of its use arrive in off-budget fund for transfer on spetsscheta, opened by Savings Bank bodies to each citizen from the moment of a birth, and living - from the moment of the law exit, equal shares . Having read up to this place, it is impossible to get off sensation that where - that is all already met - and about property of all citizens and about equal shares . However, from the recent past it is known that neither the first, nor the second do not exist without the third (and for the sake of it, generally speaking, and are conceived) - that is without all the same all-powerful Committee On Management. Before such committee was called differently - the CPSU Central Committee. It will be helped by other, not less strong organisation - counterspionage Federal Agency (before too carrying other name). One concession to present pragmatic customs in the project nevertheless is. FSK will work for a share from profit : its expenses and committee can be compensated at the expense of incomes of use of the foreign property . Considering unfading aspiration of the government to order the budget and its expenses, on - chelovecheski draught of authors of the bill to " is clear also; to off-budget funds whether under control of the Duma, whether committee - not without reason these funds so were loved by last Supreme body.
in the project it is a lot of absurdities. For example, providing an interdiction for privatisation of the foreign property, authors demand to reconsider already made, that is to make that in 1917 was called ekspropriatsiej ekspropriatorov. Thereby it is entered revolutionary a principle of return action of the law. Speaking about acquisition of the rights to the foreign property authors believe that it can be made on the bases, to not contradicting laws of the USSR, RSFSR, the Russian Federation - it is good still that has done without the appeal to laws of the Russian empire. Other curious moment - the plan of further use of the property. It, as a matter of fact, it is offered... To put. Yes, so - under 3 - 4 % annual for 15 years. And on the obtained money (billions edak 80 in dollars) to solve all Russian problems: to pay off with an external debt, to update export branches, to earn on crediting of the third countries both etc. and etc. But the most curious, perhaps, will begin, if the parliament nevertheless votes for all these offers.