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Has opened Russian - the Dutch faculty

the Dutch marketing gets into Russia

the West Countries all join in preparation of the Russian experts in the field of business more actively. Two weeks ago in Moscow has opened Russian - the Japanese educational centre, and past Friday in the State academy of management of it. Ordzhonikidze the presentation of the first in Russia Russian - the Dutch faculty has taken place. The faculty is opened together with the Higher school of a city of Enschede (Netherlands).

Russian - the Netherlands cooperation in the sphere of education has begun in 1993 when Ministers of Education of two countries have signed the memorandum of cooperation. The programs realised within the limits of this cooperation (more than 30 projects), are directed on modernisation of the Russian education system. Activity from which the Netherlands works in this direction, allows to carry them to number of leading partners of Russia in this area (on a level with Germany and the USA) - last year expenses of the Netherlands on realisation of educational projects in Russia have made about 6 million Dutch guldens.
Russian - the Dutch faculty - the first serious project within the limits of cooperation of two countries in the sphere of education. However on the scope it still strongly lags behind others international faculties: Dutches do not aspire to amaze imagination of Russians ultra - the modern equipment in the educational centres, being limited while to adaptation of educational programs, retraining of teachers and the organisation of training of the Russian students in the Netherlands. For creation of faculty by the Dutch party it is allocated by 250 thousand Dutch guldens.
Nevertheless experts notice that creation of the first Russian - the Dutch faculty is of great importance in development business - formations in Russia. As the rector of the Higher school of a city of Enschede has informed the correspondent Teodor van der to Veld (Theodor van der Veld), the Dutch party plans to create the next five years three educational centres (in Petersburg, Samara and, probably, Ekaterinburg) and to prepare about 10 thousand experts in the field of business.
the new faculty essentially differs from Russian business - schools. Marketing (at other business schools to studying of this subject it is taken away about 10 % of time) will be the main subject. Besides, after the first course students will train in the Dutch firms, and one and a half year from five - to study at the higher school of Enschede. However, and training cost at faculty is comparable with the most expensive Russian business - schools: for five years students should pay $30 thousand