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The parliament discusses government work

Five conditions of companion Zyuganov

Passed in Moscow past Saturday plenum of the Central executive committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has obliged fraction of Duma members - communists to vote for a vote of no confidence to the government in case five ministers will not be removed from it: Erin, Grachev, Kozyrev, Shokhin, Chubays.

Communistic plenum has highlighted curious paradox. While realisation of substantial program installations of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation hardly would lead to consolidation in Russia the western valuable standards, the procedural party kompartijnoj to these standards quite corresponds to life. Communists have made two things. In - the first, have called plenum of the party to define a policy of fraction on such important question, as destiny of the government. In - the second, have formulated a position which possesses already that advantage that is at least accessible to understanding. Valour of communists would be less remarkable if also other parties have made the same, but except the Choice of Russia (concentrated besides basically on more private question on Pavel Grachev`s destiny), it was made by anybody (about political council DVR p. 3 see). If to consider that trade concerning portfolios is a parliamentarism essential element, it turns out that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has become not simply parliamentary, but almost most parliamentary of the parties presented in parliament.
if to distract from procedure regarding the substantial Communist Party of the Russian Federation has shown that, unlike burzhuazno - parliamentary, the Roman valours while are alien to it. Romans declared world conditions in advance and did not change them on (at least and victorious for them) to battle results. Communists - not Romans, and, having promised in the end of September not to vote for government resignation, they have considered results of October currency battles quite for themselves victorious and have withdrawn. Moreover, five conditions of companion Zyuganov provide extremely a successful combination for communists. The economic ministers symbolising residual reformatorstvo (Shokhin and Chubays), the head of the foreign policy department symbolising residual zapadnichestvo and power ministers personally betrayed to Yeltsin go to resignation (Grachev and Erin). The normal Soviet government - but under formal aegis of the president which will bear responsibility for successes of the updated office turns out. Presidential strategists led by George Satarov prepared a variant of Stsilly and Haribdy for Zyuganov. Stsilla: to communists give pair of insignificant portfolios and at Zyuganov`s cheap price will neutralise. Haribda: Zyuganov make in premieres that by the spring it with a crash has failed. The five conditions smart Odysseus has floated between Stsilloj and Haribdoj, having put Satarov in not absolutely convenient position of the deceived Cyclops of Polifema.