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The best hotels of the world

are named Is better accept businessmen in Asia

the American magazines Institutional Investor and Conde Nast Traveler have published lists of the best hotels of the world. It is a question not of an expert estimation, and about popularity and a recognition from often travelling businessmen and tourists. The best among business - hotels both magazines recognised hotels in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

the American financial magazine Institutional Investor has published the list of 100 best business - world hotels. This year again after three years of absence at list top there was hotel Oriental in Bangkok. The general director Orientalja Kurt Vahtfajtl triumphs a victory - its institution managed to return to itself before strong (10 years on end hotel admitted to the best the world) in the lead position from which it have forced out Hong Kong Regent and los - andzhelessky Bel Air. In the list of other American magazine - Conde Nast Traveler - Oriental together with Regent in Hong Kong and Peninsula in Bangkok business - hotels enters into a three of the best.
among hotel groups, according to respondents, in the world is not present equal Ritz - Carlton and Four Seasons: on five hotels of these hotel networks have taken positions in first half of list in Institutional Investor. The Appreciation the Asian group Mandarin Oriental has deserved also, having received at once two places in first ten. Hotels Intersontinental, during long time using glory " were not kept among leaders; the best middle class - they have moved to the end of the list.
meanwhile, the opinion of experts no means always coincides with tastes of active travellers. Bewilderment was caused, for example, by the overestimated estimation Parisian Ritz. As experts consider, among leading hotels hardly there will be one more with such shaky service.
Conde Nast Traveler has spent also an estimation and tourist hotels. This time laurels top the Californian golf - hotel Inn and Links at Spanish Bay, selected them at the former favourite - Ritz - Carlton Naples (Florida).