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Leonid Kuchma`s visit to Canada

Under a private responsibility - reforms. Under them - money

Publicly having incurred personal responsibility for a course of reforms in Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma intends to find out now, he can count on however notable help of the international financial organisations. In the evening on October, 23rd Kuchma has taken off for Canada. The purpose - to get support of official Ottawa on the threshold of a meeting of a management of IMF on October, 26th in Winnipeg where the question on granting of the help to Ukraine will be discussed. If session passes successfully already in the first of November Kiev will obtain from IMF the credit at a rate of $360 million

For last two and a half a year Ukraine has received from the West much less than the promised. The USA have in this time allocated to it a little more than $200 million humanitarian and technical help. Thus Washington promises a year to Kiev of $700 million on economic programs and liquidation of the nuclear weapon. These promises regularly repeat, but further it business does not go yet. Also the Europeans similarly behave, preferring to fork up only when their money is spent for their safety - the significant help arrives only under the program of liquidation of consequences of failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station. Money for actually economic reforms practically nobody gives to Ukraine. And without them Kuchma however many spoke about the private responsibility, in Ukraine will not spend reforms.
thereupon session of board of directors of IMF in Winnipeg has paramount value for Ukraine - on its outcome depends, whether the financial help " will be given republic; the seven in the area of IMF and the World bank. The possible total amount of this help at recent Madrid session of IMF was is estimated in the $5,5 billion First tranche in $360 million can be is given Kiev already in the first of November if IMF session passes without unexpectedness. Besides IMF money, in Canada Ukraine can receive from $80 million to $120 million - them literally Washington and Ottawa two weeks ago promised to allocate for closing of the Chernobyl atomic power station.
however latest developments in Ukraine - removal of an interdiction for Communist Party activity, allocation of new large both almost irrevocable credits to agriculture and the thermal power station that gives up almost as a bad job all program of financial stabilisation - can quite become the reason of that the result of session of directors of IMF will be not so pleasant for Kiev. And very many will depend here on a position of the mistress of the summit, Ottawa. And she is extremely interested in reforms in Ukraine - at least because in Canada where lives 1 million ethnic Ukrainians, the powerful Proukrainian lobby operates. This factor also that in December, 1991 Canada became the first western power which has recognised independence of Ukraine, by the way, speaks.
However, and three years later in relations of Ottawa and Kiev a little that has changed - Kuchma`s visit schedule, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada has not been co-ordinated by Andre Uellet yet has already declared that Ukraine plays a key role in Europe and consequently the help to it in realisation of economic reforms is almost check on adherence to democracy ideals. Kiev needs to hope that the chief executive of IMF Michel Kamdessju and its colleagues if will not divide the point of view of Uelleta then will consider it at the decision the Ukrainian question in Winnipeg.