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The situation in the market of forest products

Europe again consumes wood, but we do not participate in it

already become habitual absence of the information on a real condition of the Russian wood market occasionally is compensated by large international forums of business circles where the Russian representatives are simply compelled to give the exhaustive information on a condition of own market. One of such actions is annual session of Committee on forest products of the European economic commission of the United Nations on which representatives of timber industry complexes of 22 countries give reports on manufacture and consumption of forest products that in aggregate gives a real picture about the world market of wood and each country separately. Yesterday the Union lesoeksporterov Russia (about session work see from October, 21st), has prepared total documents of the last action.

By estimations of Committee on forest products, the deepest crisis of wood manufacture and export in which Europe stayed last years, passed. Signs of lifting of manufacture and consumption of forest products which have appeared in 1993, in 1994 became a reality, including in countries of Eastern Europe and Baltics (though in the Baltic States absolute indicators on - former below level of the end 80 - h years, for experts there are bases to hope for full improvement).
But the wood economy of Russia and the CIS countries, in unanimous opinion of participants of session, is recognised extremely low level that basically also has proved to be true the presented Russian participants the data (tables see). Similar position in the Russian wood industry creates all preconditions for activization of the basic competitors. Inability of the Russian exporters to use the prospects which have opened in the European market and first of all to provide necessary volumes of deliveries, gives quite good chances for return to Europe the Canadian exporters - especially in export of saw-timbers of coniferous breeds. Left from the European market in a general crisis and under the pressure of EU requirements on obligatory thermal processing of imported forest products of coniferous breeds, Canadians are already ready to begin approach in Europe. For today they already overcome the basic obstacles - crisis in Europe passed, capacities on drying of the Canadian wood are considerably expanded. By estimations of some experts, the Canadian wood expansion to Europe can easily occur and quickly. Has already reached in 1994 of record level export of saw-timbers from Finland, Germany and Sweden, but its increase is already impossible - factories work at a total load of capacities.
the most skilful use the Situation lesopromyshlenniki, for example, Latvian which have increased volume of output of saw-timbers in 1994 by 100 %, and export on 57,7 %. In Russia after 1990 when sharp curtailment of production of saw-timbers has begun, and could not restore the export potential. Under forecasts, in 1994 the further decrease in manufacture can make 30 more %, and export - 13,6 %. However, experts predict increase in indicators in 1995, but the extremely insignificant.
change of market condition of forest products was traced in 1994 almost by all kinds. It concerns cellulose and papers, DSP and DVP, plywood, consumption of balance wood of coniferous and deciduous breeds. Surplus of wood which has brought vetroval 1990, completely it is eaten that also will affect the general situation. As a whole the basic world consumers of forest products are ready to digest great volumes of wood and at higher prices. It is a pity only that Russia will play this process a bit part.
certainly, difficulties which the Russian timber industry complex has faced, are clear. The general falling of manufacture, high railroad rates concern them cutting off the most part of the Russian large forest from export, and, in effect, unwillingness of the Russian government to be engaged in needs of branch in practice.
for the today, got used to to a sensitive management lesopromyshlenniki, have appeared in private with the market and on a habit come to Moscow in search of a support and protection which do not find. At the same time, for example, corporation Russian lesopromyshlenniki formed by them as own representation in Moscow, today it is disturbed only by dividends of shareholders. And Roslesprom Formed by the decision of the government with the similar purpose, goes by same means with unique difference - dividends overwork for themselves in view of absence of shareholders.
as a whole lesopromyshlenniki are already ready to revive the ministry, there is no time solemnly abolished. Here only what the ministry is necessary for them also what problems it should solve, define yet it was not possible. By sight analysts, opinion lesopromyshlennikov about it, hardly who will ask. Anyway, a management of the same Roslesproma for small term of the existence has proved that it is capable to solve global problems independently - and soft loans to receive, and spetseksporterov to appoint, and objectionable eksportles to transform in Roseksportles under the aegis. Thus all becomes from the best promptings. It is obvious that branch credits are necessary that it is necessary to regulate export, and eksportles Saved up since times of the former Union milliard debts, it is necessary unless to creditors.