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Political council DVR session

Gaydar does not honour minister Grachev

the political council which has Taken place during week-end of party the Democratic choice of Russia has made decision to achieve resignation of the Minister of War of general Grachev.

the Big miracle in that is not present: after act of terrorism in edition the Moscow member of the Komsomol the lazy does not achieve resignation of the minister only. But the question on Grachev has two important for DVR nuance. Political council DVR has underlined that the party on - former costs on propresidential positions and in any opposition is not going to leave. In this case sense of concepts a position and opposition it is partly washed away, for the president has specified that deeply honours the Minister of War, and desire to deprive the governor of object of its honouring - the certificate by definition oppositional. Besides, for demorossov earlier and for vyborossov extreme delicacy concerning presidential agents of national security was now traditionally characteristic. If in relation to old friends of the president (Lobov, Skokov etc.) Democrats were not repaired at all figures of gendarmes, guardsmen and lejb - guardsmen (Erin, Korzhakov, Badgers, Grachev) caused much more careful relation: the throne and so it is shaky, is more useless to deprive of its last support. July attack to head FSK Stepashin to which incriminated was a unique exception of this rule that its legal views inadmissibly smell lubjanskim as a cellar.
on the other hand, an irreproachable position in legal relations DVR - Grachev morally otvetstven and for corruption in ZGV, and, the mediated image, for last sad events - it is necessarily imposed on legally more a newspaper vulnerable position MK : Grachev - the murderer . When in the opinion of a society of concept moral and a criminal liability have definitively mixed up, risk to be mixed and an accurate legal position with an antilegal hysterics - in what praised by the juridizmom DVR like it is not quite interested.