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Vladimir Shumejko`s statement

the Chairman of chamber changes political guidelines

Vladimir Shumejko`s Reference to the president with an appeal not to admit that it was forbidden to public authorities to establish mass media, has caused the protest in Committee of the State Duma on the information policy and communication. Though the official text of the letter in the lower chamber on Monday has not arrived yet, deputies, under data, intend to act with the counter offer to Boris Yeltsin - not to put a veto for amendments to the law on mass media. The statement of Shumejko can be the serious certificate on trouble in a president`s team.

On Friday the chairman of the council of federation has addressed to the president with the letter in which has suggested to put a veto for the law accepted recently by the State Duma and forbidding to public authorities to act as founders of mass media. In itself clash of opinions between the top and bottom chambers of parliament not news. Already some times from federation Council in the State Duma laws which did not suit the upper chamber came back. But it was possible to deputies of the Duma to collect necessary two thirds of votes and to overcome the veto of Council of federation. Probably, so will be and now.
Where Vladimir Shumejko`s position is more interesting. Till now the chairman of the upper chamber had steady reputation person Yeltsin . Therefore it is impossible to exclude that its reference to the president only reflects the moods reigning in the Kremlin, and Shumejko is entrusted to give to Boris Yeltsin an official occasion that on the threshold of elections to leave the press under control of the authorities. At the same time, as the president, despite of everything, tries to keep the image of the democrat, and the offer of the chairman of the council of federation looks malodemokratichno, there is no saying, as the head of the state will react to it.
It is characteristic that last week Vladimir Shumejko has disagreed to divide Yeltsin`s sights about general stabilisation and has expressed in support of the All-Russia protest action planned by trade unions for October, 27th. Most likely, Shumejko is guided by interests of regional leaders as many of them could subscribe under its last statements.
thus, steps Vladimir Shumejko can testify that the speaker any more does not accept a reckless support on the president and its environment. It, in turn, speaks not only about a political thrift of the speaker of the upper chamber, but also testifies to not too stable conditions in the Kremlin and even moreover - about not too - that iridescent prospects of the president which, according to some information, considered Vladimir Shumejko as the possible successor.