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The premiere at the Maryinsky Theater

has been put In a basis of the libretto of the well-known opera of Dzhakomo Puccini a drama of Viktorena Sardu Florija Melancholy written by it specially for Sary Bernard. The known librettists Juseppe Dzhakoza and Luigi Illika co-operating with Puccini, having given in to aspiration of the composer, have made of a drama an opera though in the course of work were more and more convinced of futility of attempts to bring a stilted plot into accord with magnificent music. The situation was complicated also by Sardu, unlike Puccini insisting on a tragic outcome. The victory of the playwright in this dispute was marked by the well-known suicide of Melancholy in the ending. Further imperfection of the libretto, suffering absence of accurate drama motivations of acts of heroes, was repeatedly charged by Puccini. A premiere Melancholy has taken place on January, 14th, 1900 at the Roman theatre Constance . The first public success of an opera has appeared loud thanks to the performer of main party Hariklee Darkle. The composer considered that for success Melancholy are necessary ostrodramaticheskaja the singer and very good baritone .
in two years after prime ministers Puccini has started to complain: ` the Melancholy ` has appeared during sad time! Already there are no singers! That sing now, do not give also thirty percent of that the author has conceived! It too little. There are no more such drama temperaments what were when - that! My error, hence, that I have written an opera which will never have worthy executors . Nevertheless Melancholy to this day is one of the most executed operas of the world. In the main party acted Maria Callas, Renata Tibaldi, Galina Vishnevskaya, Kavaradossi sang Enriko Caruso, Juseppe di Stefano, Mario del Monaco, baron Skarpia - Juseppe di Onions, Titta Rufo, Tito Gobbi.