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Parliament has tried to justify expectations

Distinctive feature of last week there was an unusual legislative activity of the Russian parliament. Suggesting deputies to approve of this or that bill, the speaker of the Duma constantly repeated: “ From us for it for a long time wait “.

the traditional aspiration to make impression of active social policy was One of the reasons which stimulated activity of members of parliament last week. The certificate to that adoption of law “ About increase of the minimum size of pensions and an order of indexation and recalculation of the pensions established according to the law of RSFSR ` About the state pensions in RSFSR ` “. The deviation the president of the June law on indexation of pensions in III quarter 1994, providing factor of indexation 1,51 became an occasion to acceptance of this document. The president then has signed the decree according to which the indexation factor should make 1,15 in August, 1,3 in September and 1,51 in October, and has suggested members of parliament to issue such indexation in the form of the law. That the Duma also has made, having decided not to argue in this case with the president. However simultaneously members of parliament have passed last week the law “ About increase of the minimum size of pension, an order of indexation and recalculation of the state pensions in the Russian Federation “. According to it since November, 1st, 1994 the minimum size of old-age pensions is established in the sum of 34 440 roubles of month, and all pensions increase in 1,2 times in comparison with the October. Thereby the Duma has shown aspiration a little to compensate the underestimated indexation in III quarter (the government suggested to increase in November pensions in 1,1 times).
Stimulated activity of parliament last week pressure not only “ social “ But also “ agrarian “ the factor. Acceptance testified to it in the second reading of the law “ About purchases and deliveries of agricultural production and the foodstuffs for the state needs “. This law is rather remarkable - the state guarantees that it and will be henceforth the basic buyer of agricultural production of the Russian manufacturers and, thereby, will actually continue to supervise the food market. According to the power law will buy the foodstuffs both for federal, and for regional state needs. The government will define special state customers who will conclude with agricultural manufacturers contracts about foodstuffs deliveries in state fund. As state customers can act both enforcement authorities, and the commercial organisations (economic societies and associations, production co-operatives), and also the noncommercial organisations (consumer co-operative societies). It is especially important that in the new law of the power officially guarantee an annual establishment of the state procurement prices of the foodstuffs, and these prices should “ to compensate material inputs of manufacturers and reception of the income, sufficient for the expanded reproduction “. Moreover, the government should guarantee to manufacturers of production of plant growing advance payment at a rate of not less than 50 percent of cost of deliveries, and on animal industries production in general payments of grants from the budget, providing its profitable manufacture are guaranteed.
acceptance by the Duma in the first reading of the bill " became remarkable event of last week; About charities and the charitable organisations “ (this project became already a certain symbol of legislative delays of the Russian authorities as accept it they very long could not). The bill attracts attention because charities are in world practice very much an essential element of economy and extremely widespread method, giving the chance some (in most cases quite legal) maneuver by financial assets of the companies.
according to the approved bill any voluntary activity of the Russian and foreign citizens and the legal bodies, expressed in " is charitable; directed on achievement oαωερςβεννξγξ the blessings “ disinterested transfer to citizens and the organisations of monetary and other material means, rendering of services and supports in other forms. It is remarkable that the charitable organisations, according to the bill, can be founded the Russian and foreign citizens, and also legal bodies - but not the state or municipal bodies. The charitable organisations have the right to be engaged in any kinds of activity corresponding to the authorised purposes - including to involve financial resources, to establish and get the enterprises, to participate in economic societies and associations. At the same time, the bill especially stipulates an interdiction for the charitable organisations to spend means for support of political groups and parties and to participate in the selective companies. It is essential that the bill directly provides granting to the charitable organisations and their founders of privileges on payment of taxes and the customs duties, and also payment of the state grants.