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Premiere at the Maryinsky Theater

Melancholy has been sung, but the Mariinsky opera is not played

On Sunday has presented the first premiere of a season - Melancholy Dzhakomo Puccini. In the main parties stars of theatre of Valentine Tsydypova (Melancholy), Yury Marusin (Kavaradossi) and Nikolay Putilin (Skarpia) have acted. Suits and the scenery, executed Jean - Pierre Ponnelem, for a year are given Mariinsky theatre by the Opera the Dignity - Frantsisko where were stored since statement of 1972.

Present Petersburg statement Melancholy became the first in the history of the Mariinsky opera. The revolutionary motives taken as a principle of a plot, in 1905 have formed the sufficient basis for prohibition Melancholy in Russia, and after revolution repeatedly confused communistic censorship. The confusion it in 1924 was discharged in a little comical image - Small opera and ballet theatre, using Puccini`s score, has let out performance Struggle for a commune .
Therefore, starting statement, director Irkin Gabitov and the conductor the Lion Shabanov incurred the big responsibility before the Petersburg opera public. Work on performance the consent of the Opera has somewhat facilitated the Dignity - to Frantsisko to give to Mariinsky theatre archival suits and scenery. Indisputable professionalism of the soloists invited for execution of the main parties, also installed confidence of success of statement. However all it it has appeared insufficiently: neither the scenography, nor a vocal could not compensate sheer failures of direction, so characteristic for a modern Russian opera scene. It is possible to argue as much as long on convention of an opera genre as that, about traditional sketchiness of treatment of characters, but all the same similar conversations will appear no more than attempt good-natured to justify the next house failure. In to Melancholy the neglect was showed by drama laws to the full, and some scenes of performance look simply ridiculously. The ending of II certificate became the most indicative in this sense. We will remind that under the libretto the Melancholy kills villain Skarpia and starts to search hastily for the letter just written to it giving freedom to it and artist Kavaradossi. Through an oversight of the director brilliant singer Valentine Tsydypova in a panic rushes about on a scene, plunging the spectator into bewilderment: paternal it is Melancholy rasshvyrivaet papers peacefully lying on a table whereas all clearly saw, what Skarpia with concentration scribbled the treasured letter in an opposite corner of a scene behind a desk? Having found required, the heroine should leave hastily a scene of crime - instead it what for - that kartinno stiffens in the doorway which swing open before it so dexterously as though in Rome of 1900 knew secrets of photo cells. The well-known drama soprano Tsydypovoj sounding on the prime minister is free and confident, has rescued its Melancholy, but has sounded a reproach to the director - to the director.
Nikolay Putilin (Skarpia), played the villain with professionalism, worthy its vocal was faultless in this performance only. Yury Marusin in a role of Kavaradossi has acted roughly. This role for which Puccini has written one of the most beautiful tenor parties in the history of an opera, demands from the executor of uncommon actor`s technics. The well-known aria El Lucevan le Stelle from the third certificate Melancholy entering into repertoire of all great tenors of the world, can serve as a touchstone for the modern interpreter owing to the not passing popularity. Yury Marusin, probably, has decided not to trouble itself with searches of individual intonation. Final words of an aria of Kavaradossi, on - russki sounding as but never I so did not thirst for life obviously do not touch the well-known singer, and together with it and public well familiar with a melody.