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The project of the Moscow firm in Mongolia

Michael Hatchison does business in Russia 8 years, of them three - on network the market. In interview g - n Hatchison has shared the experience in this sphere.
: how you like competitions held in Russia on the right of building of corporate computer networks?
M. H: I think, tenders on networks are absolutely not necessary - commercial structures, notice, them do not arrange. State are obliged it to do. But thus their main purpose - economy of budgetary funds - is not reached. Under my data, the organisation held the tender, a network manages on the average on 20 % more expensively, than firm which selects the partner in another way. Drawing up of technical requirements, professional studying and comparison of all arrived offers - very expensive services.
: what other ways? If, say, to be guided addressed to the manufacturer of the equipment, whether that will get the lion`s share of orders to firm partners 3Com?
M. H: it is not necessary to think of the concrete equipment, to search for a command about which it is known is better that it puts modern networks, differently your banks, for example, risk to get to the same trap in which banks western have already pleased.
: that is, in the same computer networks?
M. H: Yes. Total automation of banks has passed in Europe some years ago. Technologies of that time, without having had time to pay off, have already become outdated and do not allow to expand a spectrum of bank services. But after all and the compelled idle time in connection with network modernisation costs extremely expensively. Therefore banks with modernisation pull, and technologies and the equipment - both old, and new - have rushed to Russia. If your banks count now on networks of the advanced level through 2 - 3 years they will surpass banks of the Western Europe.