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Delivery of award Grolle d`Oro

the Gold bowl it is enjoyed, Felix changes a name, time and a place

On Saturday in the Italian city the Dignity - Vensene have been handed over award Grolle d ` Oro ( the Gold bowl ) To figures of national cinema for the best works. The main prize the film " is awarded; the Bull director Karlo Matsakurati. The jury this year has been made of critics FIPRESCI who simultaneously spent to the Dignity - Vensene the general assembly and discussed the future of a prize of European cinema Felix. Candidates on this prize which delivery will take place in Berlin in the end of November are defined also. Among the applicants who have entered into a three - a film Kosh ba kosh Bahtijara Hudojnazarova.

the European cinema, including Italian, endures hard times. Rewarding ceremony in the Dignity - Vensene looked more modest, than usually. But level of the presented works inspired hope. The basic prizes were distributed between two tapes. Two Gold bowls has received the Bull - for the director and the producer, and two picture Without a skin - for the actor and the actress.
Karlo Matsakurati which have made the film by a strong director`s hand, sated it and metaforizmom, and subtle irony, is considered new talent cinema Italian. As well as Alessandro de ` Alatri - the director Without a skin melodramas about love of the diffident and not so healthy young man to the married woman. Reaction to its picture became a rare example of unanimity of public (made a film the cash champion in Italy) and critics. The last, truth, have given prizes not to the director, and executors of leading roles. It is refined Massimo Zhini and bright, as in days of a youth, Sofi Loren, and also Anna Galena. Anna is clever, intelligent, perfectly speaks on - anglijski and successfully played the American scene.
prizes For career have been handed over in the Dignity - with Vensene to producer Vittorio Chekki Burn, to directors of Dzhilo Pontekorvo and Dzhanni Amelio (last has presented hors concours the film L ` America About Albanians - present parijah Europe. And the widow of comedy actor Serdzho Korbuchchi the Hole has handed over the annual prize (50 thousand Italian liras) not next to the king of a comedy and to documentation officers from Sarajevo, removing real war. The prize to them will be transferred by Dzhan - Maria Volonte and Teo Angelopulos - the outstanding actor and the director working now to Sarajevo over a feature film.
the head amazing with the energy and inspirer Grolle d ` Oro Feliche Laudadno is compelled to narrow a circle of the activity in Italy - including for the political reasons. Festival Europa Cinema in Viaredzho is closed. But Laudadno begins the new project - a film which will remove Michelangelo Antonioni and Wim Venders.
Venders which are the chairman of the European film academy, too has not avoided difficulties: the authorities of Berlin any more do not want to finance Felix - the European brother Oscar do not show to it interest and rich broadcasting companies. In a former kind to a prize of the European cinema not to live. That is why it changes the name (new - Prix d ` Etoiles, a prize of stars) and moves to Strasbourg, under control of EuroParliament and other international cultural institutes. At new festival will be four skilled sodirektora: Wim Venders, Feliche Laudadno, Pierre - Anri Business (organising dvuhnedelnik directors in Kanne) and Dzherami Thomas (the British producer co-operating with Bertolucci). Selection of films will be made by the international experts from FIPRESCI.
All it testifies that is time illusions and hopes to uniform cultural Europe comes to an end. The culture depends not only on a policy, but in not to a smaller measure from economy. East - the European and Russian presence at film structures of Europe is narrowed. Even geographically they move on the West - from Berlin to Strasbourg. And if still recently advertising Felix It was printed in five languages, including Russian in Strasbourg the catalogue will leave in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
nevertheless, last delivery Felix will take place (in some cut form) on November, 27th in Berlin. Applicants has defined jury, besides with participation FIPRESCI. At first them was 17, now remains 6 (from them 3 on a category young cinema ). To a final nomination have got L ` America Dzhanni Amelio, For the sake of the father Irish Jim Sheridan and the trilogy of Kshishtofa Keslevsky Three colours . Tired with the sun Nikitas Mikhalkovs have not reached the ending, as well as expensive diary Nanni Moretti - which, truth, has chance to receive special Felix of critics .
Mikhalkov`s Failure (however, not too sensitive for he, apparently, will risk on the next storm Oscar ) It is easy to explain: in total one year ago Felix has got Urge . For the same reason the award hardly will get to a film L ` America (Amelio already received the Eurooscar) twice. As well as Keslevsky, too having a figurine of the young man with a bird. There is Jim Sheridan, in the beginning of year awarded the Golden Bear in Berlin.
the greatest unexpectedness - selection young cinema . Along with the French film Le Fils du Requin Anes Merle and Hungarian Vojtsekom Janosha Shasha (the international premiere of this tape has taken place at us - at festival in Sochi), in a three of applicants on young Felix has got Kosh ba kosh Bahtijara Hudojnazarova. Removed by the Tadjik to Dushanbe, this film represents in this competition the native land of the producer - Switzerland.