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Hearings about large acquisition Stockmann

Finns will transform the ashes into a supermarket

Working in Russia within 5 years concern Stockmann takes steps on expansion of the trading network. One of these days in the Finnish and Petersburg press there were messages on possible purchase Stockmann of a building of department store Frunze in Petersburg. Yesterday correspondent KONSTANTIN - ZBAROVSKY has received acknowledgement of this information in the Petersburg representation Stockmann.

Within a year the concern as have informed in representation Stockmann, considered various variants of cooperation with large department stores of Petersburg. But eventually has made the decision on opening in a city of one more supermarket (one Kalinka - Stokmann already works in city centre). The choice has fallen on department store Frunze closed in 1988 after a burnout. In the end of 1992 the building has been redeemed by the enterprise the Guarantor however the company headed by Ilya Baskinym could not (and is possible, and has not wanted) to collect means for reconstruction of a building and for a long time searched for the solid foreign investor. Past week the concern has signed the temporary lease of premises of the Frunze department store. And on the end of the year signing of the contract on full transfer of building Stockmann is planned.
Concern, according to its representatives, the successful arrangement of a building - on Moskovsky prospectus, a line connecting city centre and the airport of Pulkovo has involved. New supermarket Kalinka Stockmann will take place on all 5 floors of a building with a 12 thousand useful area 2. The sum of investments of the reconstruction project of representation have refused to inform, however, on - visible, the new shop will fly Stockmann in kopeck - any recovery work since a fire in Frunze it was not conducted. Prospective date of opening of a new supermarket - 1996 In it will work 40 Finnish and 400 Russian experts who will be trained in Finland.