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Press - the secretary Toljattiazota have involved for silence

As it became known, criminal case in the relation a press - the secretary of Open Society " is brought; Toljattiazot Igor Bashunova, refused to answer questions of the inspector about illegal activity of heads of corporation ` Toljattiazot ` . A press - the secretary has declared that has not wanted to testify against itself. In investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs consider that mister Bashunov tries to hide crimes of the heads.
in the relation a press - the secretary of Open Society Toljattiazot (ToAZ) Igor Bashunova criminal case under article 308 UK (" is brought; Refusal of the witness or the victim of evidence ) . Mister Bashunovu is threatened with corrective works for the term up to one year or arrest for three months.

as have informed in ToAZe, incident which the press - the secretary has laid down in a basis of charges in the address, has occurred still on September, 11th. This day it has been caused in investigatory committee (SK) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation as the witness on the criminal case raised in the relation of the president of Open Society of Vladimir Mahlaja and Alexander Makarova operating the enterprise.

Open Society Toljattiazot - the manufacturer of ammonia largest in Russia (approximately 7,6 % of the world market). In 2004 the volume of output has made 2,156 million tons of ammonia, 361 thousand nitric fertilizers, 387 thousand tons metanola. In 2004 the factory gain has made $413 million, net profit - $62 million the Largest shareholders of ToAZa are Nitrochem Distribution AG, Tech - Lord SA, PPFM SA, Chimrost AG and Toljattihimbank who are supervised by the president of corporation Toljattiazot Vladimir Mahlaem.

Heads of ToAZa are accused under articles UK Swindle in especially large sizes Washing up of the means, extracted criminal a way and Evasion from payment of taxes . In turn, Igor Bashunov repeatedly made comments on a course of investigation of this criminal case for journalists.

inspector SK Sergey Shamin who has spent interrogation of Igor Bashunova, has demanded from it to give a consequence the information on illegal activity of heads of ToAZa, which press - the secretary, judging by publications in mass-media possesses. However mister Bashunov has refused to answer this question, having referred on 51 - ju article of the Constitution allowing the citizen of the Russian Federation not to testify against. As Igor Bashunov, " has explained; the inspector could use any my word against me and ` to fasten ` to criminal case .

Yesterday lawyer Sergey Zamoshkin representing interests of heads Toljattiazota and Igor Bashunova, has received from investigatory committee the notice that in the relation a press - the secretary criminal case is brought.

Igor Bashunov has declared that it is shocked by an event . It turns out that now any journalist shining a course of investigation of this criminal case, it is possible to institute criminal proceedings - mister Bashunov considers.

Lawyer Zamoshkin named the decision of the inspector unique . As far as I know, in Russia of criminal cases on 308 - j to article it was not raised yet - he has declared. According to the lawyer, existence of this article UK attracts a legal collision so it is included into the contradiction with article 51 of the Constitution allowing the person not to testify against. Besides, Sergey Zamoshkin has informed that has appealed against against consequence actions in the Tver court of Moscow.

inspector Sergey Shamin has appeared yesterday is inaccessible for. However the source in SK has informed that Igor Bashunova did not have any reasons to refuse evidence . having answered a question of the inspector, it could not testify against itself(himself) in any way, - one of employees SK has declared. - having refused evidence, Igor Bashunov aspires to hide the crimes made by heads of ToAZa and consequently itself it will be involved in a criminal liability .

, Tolyatti