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As whom Murtaza Rakhimov worked in Bashkiria

on April, 6th, 1990 at session of the Supreme body Bashkir ASSR the director of the Ufa oil refining factory of a name of XXII congress of the CPSU Murtaza Rakhimov is selected by the chairman of presidium of the Supreme body. After acceptance on October, 11th, 1990 Declarations on the state sovereignty of Bashkortostan it became the head of republic as the chairman of presidium of the Supreme body. Since February, 25th, 1992 its post was called the chairman of the Supreme body.
on December, 12th, 1993 mister Rakhimov is selected by the president of Bashkiria, having got of support of 64 % of voters. The unique alternative candidate the chairman of the board of bank the East Rafis Kadyrov has typed 28,5 % of voices.

on June, 14th, 1998 Murtaza Rakhimov is re-elected on a presidential post. Elections have taken place on half a year before planned, and in the first round of elections for the working president 70,2 % of voters have voted. Its contender the minister of a forestry of Bashkiria Rif Kazakkulov has received 9 %. Against all 17,1 % of participants of voting have expressed.

on March, 5th, 2003 the state meeting of Bashkiria has unanimously supported the bill, prolonging powers of the president expiring on June, 14th till December, 2003, for combination of elections of the head of republic with elections in the State Duma.

on presidential election on December, 7th, 2003 Murtaza Rakhimov could not be re-elected in the first round, having typed 42,59 % voices at necessary 50 %. he has won the second round, having typed 78,01 % of voices. Its contender eks - head Mezhprombanka Sergey Veremeenko was supported by 15,84 % of voters.