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The president of Mexico will teach to love teachers

On Monday in Mexico City the many thousands column of demonstrators from the city of Oaxaca which are in hands of oppositionists has entered. They demand to send in resignation of the mayor, the party member, entering into ruling coalition. The party in power has appeared before an unsoluble dilemma: to quarrel with allies or even more to anger opponents.
the head part of a column of demonstrators has entered Mexico City, bearing a black fake coffin with an inscription the Bad government is dead and portraits of the mayor of Oaxaca Ulisesa Ruisa which resignation they demand. The mayor was guilty before townspeople that in June of this year has tried to disperse protest actions of teachers. Actions have begun in May with modest requirement to raise the salary, but after collisions with policemen which were sent by the mayor, and gangs of the armed hooligans have expanded and have accepted antimayor an orientation. Teachers were adjoined by members levatskih groupings and students. They have generated national assembly of Oaxaca, by means of mounts and a cocktail of Molotova have forced out from city centre police and have partitioned off streets barricades. In collisions protesting with police and the armed gangs two persons then embassies of the USA and Great Britain in Mexico City have urged the fellow citizens to refrain from trips to Oaxaca were lost.

disorders have frightened off the tourists coming to a city, located in 350 km to the south from Mexico City, to take a look at buildings of a colonial epoch and a pyramid sapotekov. Having counted up losses of the tourist industry (a $300 million order), the mayor and business - elite have addressed to the president of the country Visente Foksu with the request to send for putting in order police and army parts. But the parliamentary opposition has stood up for national assembly of Oaxaca. Last week after much debate delegates from Democratic revolutionary party (DRP) have convinced the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Carlos Abaskalja not to give the order to the armies which have surrounded Oaxaca and police to enter into a city, having threatened that reprisals against striking teachers and levakov will turn back the judicial claim for president Fox.

Carlos Abaskal has urged to carry on negotiations, but leaders of the protesting have declared that for a negotiating table with governor Ruisom will not sit down. Meanwhile the number of victims of opposition in Oaxaca has grown. On Thursday two unknown persons blow ledoruba on a head have killed 53 - summer teacher Hajme Ren Kalvo of Aragon. In teacher`s trade union it belonged to number of those who opposed strikes, and displeased protesting themes that continued to be engaged with schoolboys at home. Colleagues of the teacher have accused the left wing of trade union of teachers of its murder, but those have rejected charge. On Friday the group of 60 left has caught and has beaten three policemen in village Zaachila in 10 km from Oaxaca.

on Saturday the federal government has suggested teachers to stop again strike, having promised even to fulfil their initial requirement - to raise the salary. But teachers have declared that will not refuse the requirement about resignation of governor Ruisa, and have moved a march to Mexico City. On Monday they have entered into capital and have camped at a parliament building. President Fox has promised it to solve a question on resignation of the mayor before on December, 1st it will transfer reins of government to the new president who officially became the representative of party in power of national action (PAN) Felipe Calderon. But against resignation of Ulisesa Ruisa, a member of Institutional revolutionary party (PRI), entering into ruling coalition, its party fellows have acted. As support PRI is necessary PAN to resist to the left coalition, resignation of mayor Ruisa is represented unreal. So in Mexico City now will be at once two camps of opposition - camp of supporters of resignation of the mayor of Oaxaca and camp of support lost on elections on July, 2nd the candidate of the left opposition Andresa Manuelja Lopez Obradora declared by its supporters on September, 16th, for Independence Day of Mexico, the duly elected president.