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Feat of the racer

That unites Michael Schumacher who leaving on start of 237 times and has overcome for the life of 14 thousand of circles of racing lines, and 21 - the summer correspondent - the Car Ljajsan Jumaguzinu, having two years of the experience of driving of the car with a box - the automatic machine? Both of them consider themselves as kings of autodrome in Monza: the first - because won tens times on this line, the second - because has dared to sit down for Ford Cosworth wheel on which Michael when - that has won the first championship, and became the first Russian journalist who has subdued montsevskuju a line - the most artful in the world.
to Monza, to Monza!
mad fanatkoj Formulas it is impossible to name me, but on autodromes of Europe it is necessary to happen quite often - and periodically to scribble about the supervision of century In one of such visits the Italian friends have acquainted me with the interesting person by name of Rozario Kampanja. Mister Kampanja - the founder and the director of company Puresport which the first in Europe has incurred seven years ago a role of the intermediary between star race cars Formulas and their admirers, wishing to receive a portion of racing adrenaline not only as spectators. Having bought some cars of a class running off Renault Formula the Formula - 3 Nissan Formula and the Formula - 1 Puresport has organised formular school for all comers. Since then approximately two hundreds fans every year for some days become full owners of racing lines of Italy, France and Spain. In the company have collected a unique team of experts in the field of an auto racing and technical experts who train teapots to driving on Damon Hilla, Jean Alezi and Dzhankarlo Fisichella`s race cars.

Rozario has straight off convinced me that for reception of access to formular school are necessary only Certain savings, driving licence and shine in eyes . I satisfied two last with conditions, on absence of the first he has kindly suggested to close eyes and to give the chance to the journalist to receive from Russia the first driver`s experience on F1. Walls of office of mister Kampani are from top to bottom pasted over by cuttings from Japanese, Italian, British and other editions - there were no only Russian. From all read there I have found out that to bridle the present formular race cars, it is not so obligatory to be the highly skilled racer. The myth about unattainability of mysterious world F1 last years has undergone essential updating, exclusive the Formula has stepped in weights. It was found out that the most authoritative autodromes of Europe in free between the periods of races lease days high-speed lines to teapots . And if first driving on racing cars only as passengers now the mere mortal have allowed to operate a race car independently was accessible to fans of an extreme.

first promises for a day to transform me, the person without the slightest skill of piloting and racing preparation, into the pilot, capable to get the most powerful motor Formulas - 1 and to fly on a racing ring without the aid of the professional, have seemed to me irresponsible. But further has convinced me of the return.

the theory
It has indeed appeared simply: having arrived from Moscow to Italy and having chosen for the first start a ring of Italian Gran - at, I, as well as dozen other lucky beggars, go to Monza - a favourite place of the Italian Italian football fans. The line in Monza is considered one of the most high-speed and dangerous in the world, on it has been reached maximum on royal races speed - about 370 km/ ch.

Having come nearer to a track, I start to understand, why the Formula - 1 often name the big circus : all surroundings racers should carry with themselves. On racing week-end each command brings an order 100 t the equipment and materials. Puresport not an exception - and on my eyes from huge motorhouma mechanics roll out bright, glinting in the sun race cars. From such beauty I for an instant stolbeneju. In boksah already life with might and main boils: mechanics potter about with cars; the future pilots with concentration get a grasp of the program of day, someone pulls the racing form; the photographers everywhere scurry about, any athletes place sparkling cars on a line. Knock of my heels enters present men into a stupor, mechanics drop screw-drivers, the rumble of conversations abates. To me becomes not on itself. Rozario calms: a pier, all are simply amazed by occurrence of the first woman in the program. Especially (the compliment) such nice and the more so from far Russia follows... To me give out the present racing regimentals - overalls, football boots, gloves, podshlemnik, and I start to worry even more strongly: like as now for all female community in the answer.

8. 30. Technical command Puresport, good-natured mechanics Formulas - 3 Renault Formulas and the former professionals Formulas - 1 begin with the theory. Us 13 - 12 men from the different countries of Europe: the banker, managers of the oil companies, the student, racers - fans. Instructor Giovanni, the pilot in Ferrari Challenge class, explains us by means of slides the technics of racing driving, a rule of behaviour and safety on a track, conventional signs flags and gestures. I learn that such wide and narrow calling and as for second to choose the necessary. In details explain features of construction of a trajectory of arrival, force of braking, carrying over of weight of a body. It appears, physical activities of pilots during race surpass loadings of the fighter pilot during flight and can be compared only to loadings of the cosmonaut in the starting ship! The pilot of a formular race car to 20 times a minute is exposed to lateral overloads, loses 4 - 5 kg for an hour and a half and, not to faint, should drink water which is brought to his mouth. But it does not threaten us, the instructor calms, - not such speeds and not so arrival is long.

all are excited with safety during driving. It is found out that its five independent seat belts, system of protection of a neck and a backbone, rubber linings, and also a strong design of the surrounding driver of a cockpit provide. Promise telemetry as for the present racers, and also in detail explain that these waves and flourishes designate. It is obvious that to us, beginners, distance measurement between race cars on a line to thousand fractions of a second is not useful: During training on it start all on four - six cars simultaneously. Tell about centrifugal force, an injector, aerodynamics, acceleration principles. Fairly I try to master in Italian that would be given hardly and in Russian. Men turn around, giggle, photographers do not miss chance to photograph me against the concentrated men in overalls. The instructor does a strict face and informs, how the sensation of speed and euphoria is dangerous how to dose out power of a race car. The line in Monza, speaks it, is the closed loop with long, absolutely direct sites and prompt abrupt turns that allows to develop improbable speed. Colleagues on group rejoice in an anticipation of dizzy pleasure, and I start to regret that have not run away at once.

9. 00. Mechanics call us in become permeated with the smell of gasoline and rubber boksy where wait 180 - 450 - and 750 - strong monsters, for studying of a structure of a race car from within. The car in a cut - an improbable show. A formular race car of any class - the most complicated design. 450 - 520 kg dry weight, the engine in 3,5 l language does not turn to name a cursor. It is found out that in cars for us all original technical characteristics identical to the present races, except for cut down to " are kept; in total 750 horsepowers in to the Formula - 1 . I try to imagine this capacity, and figures frighten more and more: to us tell that the race car engine Formulas - 1 it is capable to be untwisted to 19 thousand turns a minute. It is no wonder that a resource at it very small - all about 800 km. Speed to 100 km/ ch the car types for 2,3 seconds, to 160 km/ ch - for 3,6 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 370 km/ ch, thus the brake way to a full stop from this speed is less 100 m. At speeds under 200 km/ ch a race car grows heavy To several tons at the expense of perfected aerodynamics of a covering. One complete set of tyres as a result suffices it a maximum on 30 circles of a distance (100 - 150 km of run) then rubber of special structure loses unique properties. for you as much as possible admissible speed only 310 - the master mechanic sympathetically sighs. I become covered by a perspiration, aspiring to lay in a head all heard, and our conversation with the mechanic passes to level here this feature does drrr ! I yet do not suspect that by the end of day I can learn the included transfer on a motor rumble.

9. 30. An exit on a line. Still yesterday on it with a roar race cars were carried by, paddoki tribunes - exulting spectators have been hammered command obslugoj. Now boksy commands where came only under special passes earlier, our group rents. The instructor takes us on a line on the usual car, telling, on what site of what speed it is better to adhere, pronouncing stuck transfers and explaining, as it is necessary to brake. I persuade myself that I will be dragged on 30 km/ ch under a roar of any six cylinders and I have had enough. But the instructor explains: slowly to go on a race car it is impossible - from it it loses derzhak that is stability. I run into a silent panic.

it is a little polegchalo on a training apparatus - a simulator where to us have given the chance to study all turns of Monza thoroughly. I get acquainted with Andrea Rozetti, the founder of this the miracle - cars on which you feel is so realistic that grasps spirit. A simulator - a virtual copy of a race car Formulas - 1 - Not only in accuracy repeats any put in memory of its computer a racing line and by that gives the chance to remember its bends, but also dynamically reproduces all sensations which you test at racing driving: the sizes of a cockpit, easy vibration, a motor rumble. The training apparatus allows to pass all turns, using a transmission, being accelerated and reducing speed, a wheel at it as it is unstable, as well as present formular, gas and brake pedals - as in an original race car. To watch a line thus it is necessary, looking at the plasma screen 3D. Andrea helps me to master the simulator which has been adjusted on a line of Monza, and in passing tells that its training apparatus are popular not only in professionals - such simulators are ordered to themselves by men of means. Good entertainment for private parties, I think, and itself morally I prepare for a following step: mechanics set us in race cars.

to begin with I fail in a narrow cockpit Formulas - 3 terrible opening here again begin: the check point lever appears a piece of metal which one hand to thrust it does not turn out in any way (on to the Formula - 1 transfers are switched by a semiautomatic device with push-button management on a wheel). On a place of usual first transfer - back which to us strictly forbid to use. Coupling hides where - that in the heart of a race car nose where the foot does not get; a brake very short and imperceptible; gas, of course, as to spite, very sensitive...

10. 30. The delight of men does not have borders. At last! Motors hum, their squeal the membranes, the warmed up rubber plavitsja on race cars almost breaks off. Each beginner receives in quality snack on dozen trips on monoposts Formulas - 3 on almost six-kilometre ring: cadets circles cut and get skills for forthcoming management the Formula - 1 . But even 180 Horses Renault motor at weight of a race car of 455 kg give unforgettable sensations. Running by me, pressed in a seat in attempt to overcome claustrophobia, colleagues and instructors indulgently wink.

12. 00. At dinner in a dining room seeing Ayrton Senna the cook tells that racers for maintenance of forces press carbohydrates, Schumacher before race eats rice, and after - a lot of frozen. And at me for excitement a clod in a throat. And here I say the forbidden: I will not go, I am afraid . On me look as at the person who has voluntary refused the only thing in life of chance.

13. 00. The men of our command ready to the big jump after a warming up on rockets Formulas - 3 at last bring to sacred, to the most powerful car in the world - to the Formula - 1 . Nobody counts on high sports result, all wait for tremendous, incomparable sensations. The roar of 7000 turns of the engine muffles all around, apparently, all boxing vibrates together with the got fire-spitting race car. Starting squeal of the motor breaks off air, and the first is bright - blue Benetton disappears from a kind. I remember the story that in races the principle of flight of the plane just what isn`t needed is used. If plane wings force it to rise in air, rear wings Formulas - 1 on the contrary, press aspiring to fly up the car to the earth. I the superman! - the first shouts just landed the pilot - the fan. Also warns the following: bends very abrupt, that also look the car will turn over, it is necessary to react to change of a direction of movement constantly. One more the real man with the person who has gone mad from delight is surprised: These formulshchiki madwomen! What should be improbable concentration to reach till the end of a line!

When passions and each beret the lath behind which has come in Puresport at last cease, all turn around to me. But at me feet shiver. Me take on poorly and I allow to chain myself belts to a monopost seat. Shivering hands I put on a helmet, and it compresses cheeks so what to close a mouth it is impossible. Mechanics roll out mine the Formula - 3 on a line, and through a visor I see, how all around (about my God!) Look only at me. Something similar, it is assured, each of pilots tests at start. My mechanic submits gloves, looks in the face: Include the motor. You can . The button Start jolting from unknown vibration covers all body, is audible only klokot the motor. I try to seize the opportunity of inclusion of the first transfer, I get under way, mechanics run near to me, swinging hands: Give, give! from a fright it would be desirable to close eyes, signs " towards fly; 150 100 50 metres before turn.

probably, for the first time I do not dare to panic: it is necessary to have time to change transfers for fractions of a second and to twist a wheel. While I master workers the third and fourth transfers, imperceptibly I pass a circle. The car with change of transfer and with each acceleration as if for an instant jumps up, blows up Also it is torn forward without any efforts. And I at last start to understand is a continuous pleasure. I learn to leave competently from learnt by heart for a day on a simulator of bends. Having understood that the trajectory is mastered, I dare to reach and the fifth transfer. The head wind aloud presses a helmet to a back - an arch or beats in a back, on turns the car sometimes rigidly shakes. I feel a race car all over, I grow into it, as though it continuation me. And truth, such impressions you will not test on one civil the car! The fear vanishes, there is a passion: flying by on pitlejnu, for ponta I add to gas. To me a hand marshals already notified on heroic arrival, the mechanics which were pouring out on each side lines affably wave. It is necessary to feel this improbable sensation, kogdAnd you go slowly (let kilometres 150 at an o`clock) on such great line as Monza, under ideally worked scheme, without supposing errors.

on an entrance to boksam I am am waited by an applause, embraces of mechanics, champagne splashes on a podium and the diploma of the pilot. With me are photographed and ask to sign for memory cut-away on - russki. And when all leave, still for a long time I stand in the middle of an empty track and I remember sounds of motors got on a starting lattice. Now I can easily explain any Alonso`s emotions.

how to get in pilots
Company Puresport (Italy): www. puresport. it; the representative in Russia russia@puresport. it

Cars on a choice: four race cars Formulas - 1 seven race cars Formulas - 3 two race cars Nissan 3000 " Formulas; 2004.

for the certain person (growth, the size) chooses the car technicians, race cars steal up on convenience of driving.

the Standard course of the beginning racer occupies one day with 8. 00 to 19. 00; optimum quantity of people in group - 15, if the group is more (for example, corporate arrivals), racing tests occupy two days (one is devoted to cars Formulas - 3 the second - to race cars Formulas - 1 ).

Autodromes on a choice: Monza (Milan), Vallelunga (Rome), Adrija (Venice), Catalonia (Barcelona), Valencia (Spain), Mani - Hens (France), Santo - Domingo (Dominican republic).

Cost of participation in the program:

program Warm - up (the instructing, nine circles on to the Formula - 3 three circles on to the Formula - 1 ) - 3000 - 4000 depending on the autodrome, each additional circle on to the Formula - 1 - 450 - 570;

program Formula 3 Emotions (21 circle on to the Formula - 3 ) - 2000, 10 additional circles on to the Formula - 3 - 370;

program Formula Nissan 3000 (nine circles on to the Formula - 3 three circles on Formula Nissan) - 2400 - 2500.

the Price for one person includes rent of a line, race cars, the racing equipment, all racing sessions during the program, services of mechanics, instructors, service on safety on a line, medical aid, a dinner opened snek - a bar during the day, champagne in the end of a course, the certificate.

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to Become for a short while the racer - it is very effective. And it is very terrible

the First feeling which is tested by the beginning racer in a race car, - claustrophobia

to take a detour on a race car Formulas - 1 Under force only to the diligent pupil

the Formular theory is dry, but its ignorance is life-threatening

On a line in Monza let out simultaneously no more than five - six pupils

Preparation for training arrival does not differ from the present starts