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an United Russia has approved Dmitry Kozaka`s choice

Yesterday bureau of a high council and presidium gensoveta an United Russia have summed up regional elections, recognising work on their preparation successful. However informally painful points had been named Tuva, Kareliya and the Astrakhan region. According to sources, in all three regions party has not coped with consolidation of elite which played the game . For example, in Astrakhan, by a recognition of the source close to a pre-election staff, the regional administration worked on two fronts : We played with left to make their manual, but have played another`s game . In Tuva to the president formally claims are not present - it should give voices of Party of life as then would break off republic elite . In Kareliya election campaign strategy is recognised by true, tactical mistakes to which number the party leadership carries, in particular, later the election campaign beginning however have been made. Have lowered a party rating in republic (according to United Russia party members, on 7 - 8 %) and events in Kondopoga then the remained campaign has been devoted that these percent to return. At the same time an indicative flogging at fault regional partliderov as it was after March regional elections, in an United Russia have decided not to spend not to spoil image of party on the threshold of congress.