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As Andrey Illarionov

the head of group of the analysis and planning of the government of Russia Andrey Illarionov left on February, 7th, 1994 has declared resignation, having accused the prime minister - minister Victor Tchernomyrdin of growth of inflation and revolution in economic policy . Mister Tchernomyrdin has not accepted the application on resignation and on February, 9th has dismissed the official for labour discipline infringement . As the formal basis absence of mister Illarionov on work has served from January, 17 till January, 20th.
since 2001 in mass-media regularly there was an information on preparing resignations of mister Illarionov from a post of the adviser of the president on the economy, ostensibly connected with its disagreement in the relation of a policy of the Russian authorities. On May, 29th, 2001 Andrey Illarionov has declared that will leave a post in protest at the program of reform of electric power industry . However later he has agreed with theses of the corrected program.

on January, 4th, 2005 Andrey Illarionov has at own will left a post of the representative of Russia in countries G8 in disagreement with ratification of the Kiotsky report, which he named a strategic error . Mass-media informed that the resignation reason is criticism in the address of a policy of the Kremlin on YUKOS business and statements that Open Society sale Yuganskneftegaz in December, 2004 was ekspropriatsiej a private property .

on December, 27th, 2005 Andrey Illarionov declared voluntary retirement from a post of the economic adviser of the president. He has explained the decision impossibility to express the opinion and change of an economic situation in the country , which it is made out as korporativistskaja model with participation of state corporations .