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Alexander Tcherepanov cut off from voters

Yesterday the commission concerning the state building and local government of the Tyumen regional Duma has approved the project of cutting of one-mandatory election districts developed by regional election committee for elections of deputies coming in March in regional parliament. Thus the alternative project of communist Tcherepanov also presented at session, has been rejected. As consider in the Tyumen political circles, new cutting more all is favourable to representatives an United Russia as complicates hit in regional Duma of oppositionists. As have told in a press - service of the Tyumen regional thought, the commission on state building and local government has approved the scheme of one-mandatory election districts at elections of deputies of regional Duma of the new, fourth convocation, developed by regional election committee and the regional government. Necessity for new cutting has arisen from - for introductions of the mixed election system in regional parliament on which the Tyumen parliament will be selected in March, 2007.

the new card of one-mandatory districts assumes their reduction from 25 to 17 (including three in JANAO, the others are fifty-fifty divided between HMAO and the south of the Tyumen region), and 17 more deputies will be selected under party lists. 17 districts were are cut proceeding from their norm in 140,9 thousand voters on district, and also taking into account the resolved deviations from this quantity for usual districts and sparsely populated territories. As a result, in particular, in Tyumen the number of election districts has decreased from five on last elections to three - the chairman of election committee of the Tyumen region Igor Halin has noted.

this moment more all has caused indignation in the leader of regional branch RKRP, deputy Alexander Tcherepanov who has put forward the, alternative variant of cutting of districts on consideration of the parliamentary commission. my project assumes more uniform distribution of voters: on 145 thousand persons in one-mandatory district, - communist Tcherepanov has told. - the variant approved by the commission does too big rupture in number of voters of districts - between the least and the greatest it reaches about 80 thousand persons . In its opinion, this cutting is generated in interests of some operating deputies from an United Russia wishing to prolong the powers .

But Alexander Tcherepanov`s political opponents which now is the unique opponent United Russia party members in regional parliament, notice that, offering own variant cuttings Representative RKRP tries to keep the place in a thought. The matter is that the nineteenth district of Tyumen on which he stood for regional Duma, according to the new scheme, will be abolished, and its electorate is divided between other districts. And it means that will be repeatedly selected on a post of the deputy to it more difficult. Tcherepanov suggested to make cutting of one-mandatory districts according to administrative districts of Tyumen, but this offer contradicts the federal and regional selective legislation as districts should be proportional on number of voters. Our cutting is maximum is convenient to voters, and all insinuations of companion Tcherepanov in the address an United Russia are unreasonable - the assistant to the head of the parliamentary commission, the head of executive committee of the Tyumen branch " has declared ; an United Russia Ivan Kvitka.

the Project of new cutting of districts should be considered at session of the Tyumen regional thought on October, 26th.

Vladimir Merkushev

In the CHELYABINSK AREA the DISTRICT ON STATE DUMA ELECTIONS Elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the Chelyabinsk area in 2007 CUT, presumably, will pass on four election districts, secretary CHRO of party " has informed; an United Russia Vladimir Mjakush at a briefing on Tuesday. It is supposed that the area territory will be divided into 4 election districts with the population about 650 thousand persons. On each of party districts can present the list - mister Mjakush has explained. It has reminded that juzhnouraltsy will choose for the first time deputies of the State Duma under party lists. elections on one-mandatory districts will not be, but we will expose lists on all four districts. They will be headed by people known and respected in region - the leader " has told; United Russia party members . As he said, the special attention at the election campaign organisation will be given attraction of voters on elections. the local elections which have passed in the past Sunday have given us an appearance at level 50 - 60 %, it above, than in other regions. With the population we will use experience and at the organisation of federal elections - mister Mjakush has told.