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plywood Manufacture in Russia endures the blossoming period. Its volume every year increases, grows both plywood export, and internal consumption of this product. However while branch development is interfered by a number of the problems, which manufacturers try to solve by means of attraction of credits and investments of the western companies.
Kleenyj growth
plywood Manufacture grows within already eight years. By data Lesprom indastri consulting in the first half of the year 2006 the volume of output kleenoj plywood in Russia has made 1,34 million in cubic m, having increased by 6,8 % in comparison with the first half of the year 2005. Under forecasts United Panel Group, in 2006 the total volume of output of plywood in Russia will make 2,75 million in cubic m - almost twice more than in 2000.

in Russia works more than 100 plywood enterprises which general capacity exceeds 3 million in cubic m. But as a whole the volume of output concedes to level of the western countries - so has developed historically. For the inquiry: in the middle of 80 - h years in the USSR produced 7,7 cubic m of plywood on 1 thousand persons, in the USA this indicator was above in 9 times, in Canada - in 10, in Japan - in 7, in Finland - in 16.

Present growth of manufacture is connected first of all with the increased consumption of plywood by building branch, and also with tariff restrictions on export of a birch range - raw materials for plywood manufacture. The capacity of the domestic market of production derevoobrabotki, according to the experts, makes now about $2 - 2,5 billion On a share of saw-timbers is necessary more than 50 %, on plywood - an order of 40 % and about 10 % - on plates DVP, DSP and MDF.

By data Lesprom indastri consulting the next five years the increase in release of plywood in Russia to 3,8 million in cubic m a year is expected. Volumes of consumption of plywood in home market will grow on 40 % on optimistic forecasts and for 25 % - under the pessimistic scenario providing development in Russia manufacture OSB, orientirovanno - struzhechnyh plates which will absorb a part of demand for plywood. Thus owing to increase in demand at raw materials there will be a decrease in profitability of plywood manufacture.

the leader of the Russian plywood industry - holding Sveza which share in 2005 has made 21,6 %. Into holding enter Kostroma plywood industrial complex Fanplit Ust - Izhora plywood industrial complex and plywood industrial complex the Innovator . On the second place after Svezy with the big separation the Syktyvkar plywood factory which share makes 6,4 % in the market, on the third - United Panel Group (it posesses Zheshartsky plywood industrial complex) - 6,2 % follows. 5,7 More % of the market Ylym - Brotherly plywood factory occupies, 4,6 % - Funk 4 % - Parfinsky plywood industrial complex, 3,5 % - Manturovsky plywood factory, 2,9 % - factory Chudovo RWS 2,1 % - Zelenodolsky plywood factory, 1,8 % - Demidovsky plywood factory. The others of 41,2 % of the market have on smaller factories.

plywood for Paris
Plywood branch - one of the few to which Russia exports not raw materials, and finished goods. Plywood - one of the most attractive Russian goods, and world demand for it constantly grows. The exception makes unless the so-called laminated plywood used as a timbering at erection of houses on monolithic technology - until recently it even imported to Russia, to displeasure of manufacturers from a city of Chudovo.

plywood uses very much great demand in the world markets, and the requirement for it constantly increases. Such tendencies will remain, at least, throughout the next 15 years. Over the last ten years plywood release on all continents has grown more than on 11 %. Annually in the world it is made about 45 million in cubic m of plywood.

earlier Jugo - East Asia, but after restriction of cutting down of the woods, entered on United Nations insisting was one of the basic world suppliers of this material, in this region plywood manufacture has gone on recession. Besides, reduction of quantity of wood, suitable for manufacture of this product, was promoted by cutting down of trees with great volume of a trunk that has led to shortage of stocks for a total load of capacities. As a result of decrease in volumes of output of plywood in Jugo - East Asia in the world market the niche which with success was occupied with Russia was formed.

the leading consumer of the Russian plywood is the Western Europe importing in 2005 730 thousand of cubic m of this product. The basic countries - importers - Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Sweden.

the Second largest consumer of a domestic production - the North America, first of all the USA. There last year it has been exported 390 thousand in cubic m of the Russian plywood. In 2003 of the USA were the leading world manufacturer of plywood and completely provided the requirements, however reduction of cutting down of woods for the USA and Canada has led to deficiency of this material.

by 97 thousand more in cubic m of the Russian plywood it was consumed in 2005 in the CIS, 88 thousand - in Africa, 13 thousand - to Asia, 5 thousand - in Australia.

in the first quarter 2006 there were some changes of structure of export of plywood production from Russia: on 11 % in comparison with the first quarter 2005, export to the Western Europe has increased by 40 % - to the CIS countries, on 47 % - to Asia, and here consumption of the USA Russian plywood was reduced to 15 %.

the Republic Komi (its share has made 14,7 %) became the Largest exporter of plywood from Russia in the first half of the year 2006, the second place the Kostroma region (14,7 %) has occupied, the third - the Novgorod region (7,9 %).

On home market of Russia in 2005 has gone all 553 thousand in cubic m of plywood, that is about 20 % from production made in Russia. Though in comparison with 2004 even this figure has increased by 18 %. Thus, by data Lesprom indastri consulting rates of increase of internal consumption of plywood in 2005 were essentially slowed down. In the first quarter 2006 growth of internal consumption of plywood has proceeded, having increased by 11 % in comparison with the similar period of 2005. Experts UPG consider that growth of internal consumption of plywood is the factor stimulating increase of volumes of its manufacture, and gives to players of the market an additional niche for realisation of production, after all now for export go not less than 70 % of production made by the largest plywood factories. By some estimations, now in Russia it is satisfied only 30 - 35 % of requirements of the building industry in plywood as the basic part of plywood is on sale in foreign markets, where the prices still above.

in the size did not leave
it is necessary to notice that in a foreign market the Russian plywood is considered not the most qualitative that is why costs more cheaply, than production of competitors. The price for a domestic production in the West on the average on 30 - 40 % below the average world prices. This results from the fact that Russia delivers not improved plywood - a half-finished product, which qualitative characteristics, naturally, do not hold out to the European production.

does not correspond to world tendencies and structure of consumption of plywood. In the USSR about 29 % of plywood 3 % - in building were used in furniture manufacture and only. In the USA still in 70 - h years of the last century of 33 % of volume of plywood it was applied in building, and now in the United States in structure of consumption of plywood housing construction makes 40 %, repair and habitation reconstruction - 28 %, building of constructions - 14 %, that is 82 % of plywood is used as a constructional and decorative material.

in 2003 to Russia from plywood made in the country of only 10 % there were to furniture branch, 12 % - in building, 4 % - on container and packing, 2 % - in mechanical engineering. Now the share of the plywood consumed in building and other industries, has considerably increased.

the basic dimensional characteristic of the Russian plywood - a square 1525x1525 mm. By such sheets is issued about 60 % of all domestic plywood. But it is suitable basically for the furniture industry, and for needs of builders other sizes are necessary. Nevertheless birch square plywood all - taki finds demand in the world market.

in other countries to 50 % of volume of output - bolsheformatnaja plywood of a special purpose which is used in building, and also bioproof and laminated. Therefore a number of the Russian enterprises is now reoriented on release of special plywood which costs more expensively and is in great demand in comparison with standard birch squares.

the first manufacture of plywood of a format 1525x3050 mm has introduced Open Company Zheshartsky plywood factory it was followed by Open Company Demidovsky FK . Open Societies " technically re-equip; Manturovsky FK Open Society Parfinsky FK Open Society Sotameko (Sokolsky fanernotarnyj industrial complex).

However before the Russian manufacturers there is a dilemma: for manufacture bolsheformatnoj plywood serious modernisation of manufacture which, naturally, involves increase of the cost price of the Russian plywood, that is loss of one by it of the competitive advantages is required. Now plywood manufacture in Russia is based on the equipment established still till 1990 though its deterioration on the average exceeds 80 %. Thus production efficiency fluctuates from 11 to 23 people/ hour on 1 cubic m of plywood that in 1,5 - 2,5 times above, than at the enterprises of Europe.

without knots and zadorinki
the Separate problem - a material used for manufacture of plywood. In Russia let out basically birch plywood - still it is made only by factories of Finland and Latvia. In the long term manufacture of birch plywood not too favourably: it costs much more cheaply production from coniferous breeds which is delivered by the western manufacturers.

In home market this question is aggravated with that all use plywood mebelshchiki less often, preferring more modern materials, and consumers from other branches consider the prices for domestic plywood too high at a degree of quality offered it.

thus only in Europe deficiency of sheet wood materials by 2010 will make 7 million in cubic m, and in the Asian market the requirement for wood plates and plywood will increase to 51 million in cubic m.

According to Anatoly Chubinsky, professor Sankt - the Petersburg timber college, increase of efficiency of plywood manufacture taking into account world and domestic tendencies of development will be promoted first of all by increase in volume of output of waterproof plywood and increase in volume of output of plywood in the improved kind, and also orientation of again entered capacities to manufacture bolsheformatnoj plywood for building.

Development of the plywood industry is promoted also by perfection of technology and the equipment, allowing to expand plywood assortment, including on the basis of new materials for pasting, oblagorazhivanija, and also fire - and bioprotection.

the court order
Manufacturers of plywood now try to follow these by development, having reoriented on better production and modernising manufacture.

this year on Joint-Stock Company Cherepovets fanerno - furniture industrial complex large reconstruction has begun, in cost nearby 1 mlrd rbl. on purpose to build new manufacture drevesno - struzhechnoj plates. On it will establish the modern equipment of firm Dieffenbacher from which the contract on $13 million New equipment has been concluded will allow to let out DSP different width and a format. Start-up of new manufacture is planned for January, 2008. Now FMK lets out already a plate in the thickness of 16 mm and a format 3500x1750 mm.

Company UPM plans to invest nearby 3 million in manufacture of products derevoobrabotki. At plywood factory in Chudovo (Novgorod region) will be established the third lushchilnaja a line that will allow to raise annual volume of output of birch plywood on 20 thousand in cubic m. It is an investment will increase possibilities UPM in the field of the individualised deliveries - in particular, to the enterprises avtomobilestroitelnoj and the parquet industry. Works on installation have begun in June, 2006, and in December line input in operation is planned. Now the annual volume of output of birch plywood at factory in Chudovo makes 80 thousand in cubic m.

In Sverdlovsk area is realised two large-scale projects on creation of additional capacities for plywood manufacture. Taking into account their input of the enterprise of a timber industry complex of Sverdlovsk area in 2008 can increase plywood manufacture in 1,6 times in comparison with an indicator of 2005 - to 240 - 250 thousand Cubic m a year. In particular, Joint-Stock Company Funk intend to enter in January, 2007 the second turn capacity of 70 thousand in cubic m bolsheformatnoj plywood in a year that will allow to increase manufacture to 160 thousand in cubic m a year. New manufacture will be created on the basis of the Japanese equipment, analogues to which in Russia is not present. Civil work it is planned to finish by July then installation will begin. With input of new capacities Funk will enter into a three of the largest manufacturers of plywood to Russia.

Besides, now Open Company Argus SFK (the Sosvinsky plywood industrial complex) conducts factory building on plywood manufacture in settlement East (Serovsky area) productivity of 40 thousand in cubic m in a year. New manufacture will be created on the basis of the Italian equipment. Investments into the project will make an order 12 million factory Start-up is planned for May, 2007.

the company Vuokatti - Russia affilirovannaja with Russian - the Asian investment company (RAInKo), intend to construct in the Nizhniy Novgorod region factory on manufacture of plywood and plates OSB capacity of 60 thousand and 300 thousand in cubic m a year accordingly. The regional government has already offered RAInKo in long-term rent forest plots as a raw-material base with volume of 600 thousand in cubic m a year.

the essential increase in volumes of output by industrial complex " Is planned; Sotameko - plus . The enterprise prepares for release bolsheformatnoj the laminated plywood of the European quality. In a year by the enterprise it is made about 30 thousand in cubic m of plywood. With a view of increase of volumes of output and creation of the product answering to European standards, in April of current year on object plan to establish the new equipment after which start the manufacture total amount will reach 80 thousand in cubic m a year. Thus about half of production plywood of the European quality will make bolsheformatnaja. For equipment installation at the enterprise build new shop a total area of 15 thousand in sq. m. If today for export there is half of production of industrial complex new technologies will allow to increase this indicator to 80 %. The Total cost of equipment of new manufacture makes 20 million, from which 50 % - means of shareholders, and second half - credits of banks.

it is easy to notice that it is a lot of from projects carried out now are financed by the foreign companies which show a great interest to the Russian manufactures of plywood. Their interest is quite proved, after all being the biggest country in the world on wood stocks, the country with low level of payment, Russia gives to the foreign companies considerable possibilities for investments. However, not all Russian companies mark interest to them from the western manufacturers: from the foreign capital we do not observe Real interest. At least, except one offer from concern Finforest in 2000 on creation of owlsThe local enterprise, other serious offers was not - marks Kamil Beljalov, the president of Joint-Stock Company Funk . He believes that weakness of the Russian plywood branch which does many enterprises unattractive in the opinion of large investors, dissociation of actives is.

In a word, at plywood branch of Russia is both advantages, and lacks. Wood stocks in the country provide manufacture by raw materials for many years forward, low payment and cheapness of natural resources do the cost price of manufacture of plywood low. Growth of requirement for plywood in home market provides possibility of the further increase in manufacture. The large enterprises, it is a lot of years working on the market, involve foreign investors. Such factors, as a deterioration of the equipment which does plywood manufacture insufficiently effective, insufficiently developed infrastructure in the areas making plywood, and growth of the cost price of the manufacture, inevitable in case of technical re-equipment of the enterprises brake development of this industry.

has passed the International wood forum
In St.-Petersburg last week has passed the International wood forum. Within the limits of a forum four conferences, in particular concerning timber cuttings, wooden housing construction, to processing of wood and prospects of development of bio-energetics of Russia have taken place. For delegates 13 round tables on problems of the concept of the new Wood code of the Russian Federation, perfection of the economic mechanism in management of woods of Russia, to the basic directions of protection and protection of woods have been organised. Besides, at a forum prospects of restoration of woods and lesorazvedenija, problems of wood certification to Russia, increase of investment appeal of wood sector were discussed. In the first day of a forum in expocentre Lenexpo have passed the parliamentary hearings devoted to new edition of the Wood code.

in a forum have taken part Trading - industrial chamber of the Russian Federation, Association of wooden housing construction, the World fund of the wild nature, Confederation of associations, the enterprises and the organisations of a timber industry complex of Severo - the West, Sankt - the Petersburg state timber college. In total in a forum participated more than 200 experts. 35 delegations have taken part in exhibitions and work of round tables at the head in heads of administrations of subjects of federation. Besides, representatives of 57 countries participated in action, including Sweden, Finland, Germany, the USA and China. The forum in the Taurian palace where government awards have been handed over workers of a wood complex has come to the end on October, 13th.

the largest Russian manufacturers of plywood

n. d. - there is no data.

a source: Rosstat, Lesprom indastri consulting .

Plywood is in great demand in the world markets, and the requirement for it constantly increases. Such tendencies will remain throughout, at least, next 15 years