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  Lawmaking In Ekaterinburg there was a public chamber Deputies of the Duma of Ekaterinburg at session on Tuesday have confirmed position about Public chamber of a city, informs a press - service Ekaterinburg gordumy. According to the message, the chamber will not be local government. Its structure will include 33 persons who should be citizens of the Russian Federation, constantly or mainly living in Ekaterinburg. Third of structure of chamber will be put forward by a municipal duma, third - the head of Ekaterinburg. The remained third will be formed by those who already was a part of Public chamber. In Public chamber of Ekaterinburg, it is told in a press - release, representatives of political parties, other public associations, trade unions, the religious organisations, TOSov, associations of businessmen, commodity producers, scientific community and the creative unions can enter. Thus the persons occupying the state and municipal posts, deputies of all levels, the persons recognised as court incapacitated, having not removed or outstanding previous conviction cannot be members of Public chamber. All members of Public chamber will work on a gratuitous basis. In chamber problems, marks a press - service, attraction of the population of Ekaterinburg to the decision of the major social and economic problems of local value, carrying out of public examination of projects of legal certificates of municipal union, realisation of public control of activity of local governments of Ekaterinburg, pravotvorcheskaja the initiative concerning development of economic and social spheres of a city enters.
Alexey Burov

  Process Has begun court on Ravilja Khakimov`s business In Sverdlovsk regional court preliminary hearings on business of the general director of automobile association " have come to the end; Company DDT 37 - summer Ravilja Khakimov. As have informed in a press - regional court service, the legal investigation in essence will begin on October, 19th. We will remind that accusation under article 210 of the criminal code of Russian Federation " is brought to mister Khakimov; the Organization of criminal community article 209 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Gangsterism article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Murder article 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health article 167 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Deliberate destruction or property damage article 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation and carrying of fire-arms, ammunition and explosives and to other articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation. All accused (together with Ravilem Khakimov on business pass 17 more person) are held now in custody. During preliminary investigation it has been established that since January, 2001 - till December, 2004 Khakimov has created criminal community and the gang structurally entering into it consisting of several organised criminal groups. Elimination of competitors in business of the general director of a motor show was overall objective OPG. On gang arms there were various kinds of fire-arms and ammunition to it, including, the sawn-off shotguns made of the hunting guns, improvised explosive devices, ogneprovodnye cords, electrodetonators, a revolver, Kalashnikov`s non-standard automatic machine of calibre of 5,45 millimetres, small-caliber rifles, a TT pistol, the non-standard pistol adapted for shooting by cartridges of calibre of 9 millimetres, pomegranates F - 1, RGO, RGN. Under the version of the investigation, members of criminal community and a gang have made three murders, some arsons of houses and vehicles, have carried out explosions of grenades in territory of motor shows and the parking places belonging to persons, putting, according to accused, harm of their commercial activity, some episodes of causing heavy and average weight of harm to health objectionable it to people have made.
Ura. ru

  Process to the Bookkeeper Uraltransbanka will pronounce a sentence Yesterday verhnepyshminsky court has finished judicial hearings on criminal to business of the bookkeeper of Sredneuralsky branch Uraltransbanka Oksanas ShChegolkovoj. It is accused of swindle. Under the version of the investigation, madam ShChegolkova has stolen from accounts of clients of bank more than 10 million roubles. State charge insists on the maximum punishment - 10 years of imprisonment. Criminal case concerning Oksana ShChegolkovoj was raised by Office of Public Prosecutor of the Top Pyshma in the end of 2005 under article 159 ch. 4 criminal codes of Russian Federation ( the Swindle made in especially large size ) . Business has been directed to court in the summer of this year. From criminal case materials follows that since December 2004 till November, 2005, the bookkeeper of branch Uraltransbanka in Sredneuralske, having access to monetary accounts of clients, transferred money to the account of spouse Alexander Fedulov. Thus, by estimates of a consequence, for a year it has stolen from accounts 148 of clients of 10 million 870 thousand rbl. As have told in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Top Pyshma, clients of the spouse selected carefully. The sum not less than 100 thousand rbl. that the discounted sum could be not noticed by the owner was an indispensable condition. After money arrived into the account of mister Fedulov, it removed them through a cash dispense the same day. Thus madam ShChegolkova as consider in Office of Public Prosecutor, forged reports. therefore actual arrival and the expense of money resources of suspicions did not cause - the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Top Pyshma Sergey Kravchuk has told. As he said, criminal case has been raised only after at once some clients of bank have addressed to a management of head office Uraltransbanka located in Ekaterinburg. Now Oksana ShChegolkova and her spouse to which accusation in swindle also is brought, are under a subscription about nevyezde. The fault, according to the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Top Pyshma Sergey Kravchuka, defendants recognised completely. Sentence announcement is appointed to October, 12th.
Ruslan Sakaev

  Oil refining the multinational corporation - VR will pour gasoline in Ural Mountains In Sverdlovsk area struggle for the oil refining market has begun. As it became known , the daughter of the multinational corporation is ready to declare ground plans NPZ in Sosve - VR Open Society the Ural oil company (UNK) which has refused earlier creation of oil refining manufacture, having counted its unpromising. New plans UNK became a surprise for participants of the market: after all it is literally last week already co-ordinated project on building verhoturskogo NPZ to the Sverdlovsk authorities the group of private investors presented. All question in how the Sverdlovsk authorities will react to the project. And, if verhoturskogo the regional authorities have already declared manufactures building support, their relation to the multinational corporation project - VR while is not clear. In regional administration have informed that were not defined yet with the position concerning multinational corporation plans - VR. Besides, under data , one of project pluses Verhotursky NPZ in the government consider development of a social infrastructure on which, it agree business - to the plan, it is planned to spend $100 million What conditions will offer the multinational corporation - VR while it is not known. More in detail on str 9.
Alexey Nepomnyaschy, Vera Stepanova, Sergey Antonov

  The gas industry Gas production on Yamal have stopped Yesterday NOVATEK declared a gas production stop on Hanchejsky and East - Tarkosalinsky deposits (JANAO). As have informed in a press - company service, the manufacture stop will allow to connect the second gas pipeline of the Hanchejsky deposit to an infrastructure East - the Tarkosalinsky deposit. Works include carrying out of hydraulic tests and opressovku the mounted sites of pipelines and the equipment. Infrastructure expansion will allow to begin the second stage of development of the Hanchejsky deposit. On termination of works designed capacity Hanchejsky gazokondensatnogo a craft will be increased to 4,9 mlrd gas cubic metre a year.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  the Food-processing industry the Hydrochloric company Yesterday the Appeal instance of arbitration court of the Tyumen region has refused satisfaction of the complaint of Open Company The hydrochloric company (Tyumen) on definition of court of the first instance concerning decisions of management of Federal antimonopoly service of region on a recognition of the company the infringer of the antimonopoly law. As it was informed, the Hydrochloric company tried to challenge legality of order UFAS on which basis the company has been recognised by a monopolist in the Tyumen market. The recognition " became result of this decision; the Hydrochloric company the infringer of the law About a competition and restriction of monopolistically activity in the commodity markets on which basis UFAS has obliged the company to list in the federal budget of 415 thousand roubles the superincome received in days hydrochloric boom . By estimations UFAS, the company has unreasonably increased the cost prices of salt from February, 22nd till March, 9th three times - to 10 roubles for 1 kg. According to management, the enterprise share in the regional market of wholesale deliveries of salt makes 97 %, in 2005 the company realised more than 6 thousand tons of salt. To challenge it the Hydrochloric company and it was not possible.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  Mechanical engineering Rostransmash consolidates Kurgan actives Holding Rostransmash (Moscow) has got at the Kurgan company of Open Society Ikar 24 % of actions of Joint-Stock Company Rostransmash - KMZ (Barrow), have informed in a press - holding service. According to the interlocutor, Ikar has sold all actions belonging to it Rostransmasha - KMZ . According to a source in Open Society Ikar earlier the holding posessed 52 % of actions Rostransmasha - KMZ . In Rostransmashe on this information could not comment. The representative a press - holding services has explained that Rostransmash plans to consolidate actions of Joint-Stock Company for development on its base of manufacture of new kinds of production, in particular assemblages of new armature from accessories of manufacture Hungarian DKG - EAST. New manufacture is formed on capacities of factory Ikar which controlling interest the holding owns.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  the Finance the Turn of the auctions on URVB has doubled Total amount of transactions at the Ural regional currency stock exchange (URVB) in January - September, 2006 has made 989,193 mlrd roubles that in 2,86 times there is more than indicator of the similar period of 2005, the first vice-president URVB Sergey Smirnov has informed. As he said, the greatest turn has had on the auctions by the not state securities. So, the total turn of the participants trading through URVB, in the market of not state securities (the action and the bond) FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange for nine months has grown in 7,97 times to 635,536 mlrd roubles. In sector of the state securities a turn of the auctions for January - September has increased in 3,62 times - to 29,141 mlrd roubles. The volume of transactions in the market of deposits of Bank of Russia for the accounting period has made 89,382 mlrd roubles (growth in 2,64 times). The turn of the auctions by foreign currency on URVB for nine months has increased in rouble expression on 4,7 % - to 235,134 mlrd roubles.
Interfax - Ural Mountains