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Paper of the higher test

In Russia till now did not let out an elite white paper of class A. Was considered that it is very small and expensive segment of the market which on 100 % has been occupied by import production. This year a paper of class A of own manufacture by the first has started on the market Nemansky TSBK. Meanwhile other participants of the market are not going to follow its example though agree that this kind of a paper will be more demanded now in the market, than before.
Consumption of office paper in Russia is not enough in comparison with the European countries: in 2005 srednedushevoe consumption of a paper for office has made 2,6 kg. According to the experts the market reaches indicators of the European countries on a consumption level of a paper for office Russia can only in ten years. However, last year the market of office paper has grown on 17 % and has made 372 thousand tons. In 2006 the volume of the market of a paper for office will make 423 thousand tons. The share of office paper makes 26 % of the market of a stationery.

practically 80 % of the market of office papers belong to the Russian manufacturers. To be exact, to only two industrial complexes - Svetogorsky and Syktyvkar. Among foreign manufacturers it is possible to allocate Finnish Stora Enso and UPM Kymmene, and also Swedish MAP Paper. All these manufacturers posess 95 % of all Russian market. We will notice that domestic Svetogorsky and Syktyvkar industrial complexes are supervised western International Paper and Mondi. Thus, it turns out that all market of office paper is under control of foreign manufacturers. However, distribution of shares in the market between the mentioned five companies non-uniformly - half of volume occupies Svetogorsky industrial complex in this connection in the market it is easier to form the price policy. It is necessary to one manufacturer to change the price for the production as the others follow its example.

Middle class
In the world the standard classification of office paper based on qualitative characteristics is accepted. The basic criterion of division into classes - a whiteness. A paper of a class With - the most economic paper. Under the characteristics of a whiteness, a roughness, opacity and rigidity it corresponds to necessary parametres. It is the most widespread and popular class of a paper in connection with its low cost. On this kind 80 % of all sales of office paper are necessary.

the paper of class B has the improved quality indicators. On it 15 % of all sales are necessary. It to the greatest degree approaches for the whimsical and high-speed technics, and also for portable sensitive printers.

to speak about qualitative characteristics of a paper of class A which occupies only 5 % of the market of office paper, it is possible long. It is the most qualitative and expensive paper with the best indicators of a whiteness. This paper do not make in Russia and import here in very small quantity.

the most known marks in the market - Svetocopy New, Ballet Classic, the Snow Maiden ZOOM, Kym Lux and Data Copy - represent just a paper of a class With. First three have appeared in the market after crisis of 1998 when there was a necessity for marks of the bottom price segment - such paper is most popular till now in the domestic buyer.

manufacturers explain gravitation of the consumer to a paper of average quality (is also low class D, the newspaper and offset paper concerns it) that it is most comprehensible at the price and, besides, for the press of documents usually quite enough and S.Ranee`s class all manufacturers of office paper declared that the paper of class A is not planned by them to release in Russia. That is imported from other countries, this niche in itself small quite suffices the market, and it is already occupied - they spoke. Now in the market marks of a paper of class A IQ Selection, Ballet Premier, Select Ultra, PolJet, Tecnis Select and Berga Focus are most known. Ten years in class A mark Data Copy of manufacture MAP Paper, concern M divisions - Real which occupies 43 % of this segment of the market formatnoj papers is in the lead on sales. Afterwards behind it there is a paper of manufacture Stora Enso - it occupies 20 % of the market.

however this year Open Society Nemansky TSBK (Kaliningrad region) has put into operation new bumagodelatelnuju the car in cost 30 million It is the largest project in modern Russian tselljulozno - the paper industry. At the first stage productivity will make 60 thousand tons of production a year, and then will allow to increase twice release volumes at industrial complex - to 110 - 120 thousand tons a year. The bumagodelatelnaja car bought in England, makes production which replaces import analogues: offset with the improved quality for highly artistic editions and the children`s literature, office and moisture-resistant papers. Thus production will manage on 20 - 25 % more cheaply foreign analogues that promoted by modern technologies, and also the law About a special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region .

the New markets
In connection with the strategy of development LPK declared by president Vladimir Putin which orders Russian lesopromyshlennikam necessity to let out production of high repartition and to pass to importozameshcheniju, home producers of a paper have changed the point of view to release of a paper of class A. As a whole our manufacturers support idea of release of a kind of a paper new to Russia, however start its manufacture could while a management only one industrial complex.

Participants of the market refuse to come out publicly with the assumptions concerning why it has occurred on Nemansky TSBK. However in personal meeting make comments on it as follows: The matter is that the industrial complex is located most close to Europe, - one of heads large domestic TSBK has told BG. - Accordingly, a commodity market at them near by and they can not be afraid of that nobody will buy an expensive paper. Besides, class A uses much bigger popularity in Europe, therefore it is possible to assume that company investments will pay off quickly enough .

However, under forecasts of experts, the buyers the paper Nemansky TSBK will find and in the Russian market. In opinion a press - the secretary of Arkhangelsk TSBK Mileny Avady, first of all it is connected by that buyers are ready to pay now for quality more. Even declared from the beginning of 2006 rise in prices for office paper has not affected volume of orders, - she has informed BG. - In Russia its growth - an order of 20 % in a year " is observed;. By estimations the Express train - the Review in 2007 of an expense of Russians on office paper in class A will grow to $0,16 on the person in a year, in a class In - to $1,47, in a class With - to $3,05, in a segment of a colour paper - to $0,24. It is connected by that consumers are not so strongly subject to influence of the price factor - for all of them quality of a paper, and especially its operation in office equipment starts to play the big role. The consumer is ready to pay more expensively if only only then it was not necessary to repair technics. In this connection it is necessary to tell that now in purchase expensive bumagodelatelnyh the cars making a high quality paper, it is possible to consider investments quite justified.

News melovannoj papers

For last 15 years have occurred serious changes in the market melovannyh papers. If in the beginning 1980 - h rather actual was years a question of reduction of expenses for manufacture of materials for a paper now this indicator is on the average lowered on 10 - 15 %. A whiteness and gljantsevost papers are raised on 5 - 10 %. At the same time specially developed technologies have allowed to improve smoothness of a surface and stability of printing properties. Innovations have appeared as in use of new kinds of cellulose and more homogeneous bumagoosnovy, and in technologies melovanija and kalandrirovanija. Began possible to receive a paper possessing the same whiteness and luster, as traditionally chemical cellulose. And also to choose a paper with stably steady indicator of rigidity, plumpness and the opacity, thus which density is easier on 5 - 20 g and whiteness level above. One of the first on the market had been let out company M paper - Real. It was called Gelerie Art and represented a paper three-layer melovanija for the highly artistic press. In 1994 the company had been created a paper with unique properties - an equal surface at a smaller thickness melovannogo a layer. The new generation of high-grade papers two-layer melovanija has been presented by the company in 1996 mark Galerie Fine. Special popularity this paper has reached at the expense of non-standard characteristics - combination of qualities traditional high-grade melovannoj and legkomelovannoj papers and an exception of both inherent lacks. It it was possible to reach thanks to specially invented by company M - Real to process of processing of cellulose and creation of a new pigment for a paper surface. The paper density is in a range from 65 till 110

the Russian consumers are not so strongly subject to influence of the price factor - for all of them the big role quality of a paper, and especially its operation in office equipment

starts to play paper Manufacture tselljulozno - the paper companies

the Source: Lesprom indastri consulting .