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Company John Deere - the leader of the market lesozagotovitelnoj technicians all over the world. It does not concede the positions and in Russia. However the largest supplier of technics on the Russian market faces here absence of vocational training of workers which could not to learn be operated lesozagotovitelnymi cars. How the company tries to solve independently this problem, to correspondent BG to EKATERINA GRISHKOVETS the general director of Joint-Stock Company " has told; John Dir Forestri HANNU HIETIKKO.
BUSINESS GUIDE: whether For a long time company John Deere works in Russia and how it estimates the potential from the point of view of timber cutting?

HANNU HIETIKKO: company John Deere division works as Lesozagotovitelnoe in Russia already more than 30 years, earlier letting out technics under trade marks Locomo, then Timberjack, and since 2005 under name John Deere. The company is aimed at long work in the Russian market is also confirms that fact, what even in hard times of economic reforms the company is not has left from the Russian market and continued technics deliveries, and now it actively invests in business development in Russia. At present in Russia works more than 1000 wood cars John Deere - Timberjack, and demand for such technics steadily grows. The Russian market is object of steadfast attention for our company, our position in the market is now strong enough, and I am assured that the market lesozagotovitelnoj technicians will increase in the near future - John Deere builds now a basis for growth of the given market. John Deere now the unconditional leader on sale and service lesozagotovitelnoj technicians, and we try to keep the positions.

BG: What plans at the company on development of the business in Russia?

H. H: We invest in people. It means that we expand our organisation at various levels. We believe that granting of good service of technics, presence of spare parts, vocational training will be key factors of success in the future. For this reason now we actively invest in development of own network of service dealers across Russia. We constantly search good partners in key regions for the conclusion of the dealer agreement or we create own branches which are engaged in service, training and sale of spare parts as, for example, now there is in Syktyvkar (Republic Komi) and Tikhvin (Leningrad region). If we find the good stable partner are ready to co-operate with it as, for example, it has occurred in Irkutsk to the company Timbermash Baikal . They are for a long time already our service dealer in Siberia, and this year we have signed with them the new agreement, according to which company Timbermash Baikal Became the full dealer in Siberia, having got the driver`s licence to technics sale in the given region. Thanks to it we have received some more points in Russia: at Timbermash Baikal also there are branches in Bratsk, Ust - Ilimske, and this year they plan opening of one more branch in region.

also a key problem in Russia - training of operators and mechanics lesozagotovitelnoj technicians. Unfortunately, in Russia there is no educational institution which is engaged in vocational training for work with such technics, and requirement for it high enough. Therefore we at technics sale carry out training of employees of the company - the client, operators of wood cars and mechanics own forces. For this purpose we and at our service dealers have the professional instructors, the special literature and, the most important thing, a training apparatus - a simulator harvestera and forvardera which in accuracy corresponds to the present cabin of the car. The future operators have training theoretical preparation in one of our educational centres, learn to operate car on a simulator, and then together with the instructor pass practice in wood by real cars. Certainly, we would like, that in Russia there were such educational institutions which would be engaged in base vocational training of operators of modern wood cars.

BG: Who the basic competitors John Deere in branch?

H. H: In Russia at us the same competitors, as in other countries. On sale of cars for hlystovoj preparations the competition also with the Russian manufacturers, on sale of cars for sortimentnoj preparations - with foreign manufacturers of technics is traditional. Certainly, from the point of view of users of technics the competition helps working out of new decisions, development of service and production updating.

BG: With what companies works John Deere?

H. H: All technics which is let out by company John Deere, productivity, reliability and low working costs distinguishes. It managed to achieve thanks to close cooperation with clients which occurs in daily work: we receive and we consider responses about the technician, we develop the best decisions for choice technicians and its complete sets, proceeding from the Russian conditions of timber cutting; we carry out training and the further certification of operators of technics John Deere.

Our clients - lesozagotovitelnye the enterprises, the most various companies: from very small enterprises to the largest timber industry concerns.

certainly, we receive responses and from our service dealers; especially closely we work over the scheme of deliveries of spare parts. On the basis of the information received from dealers we carry out monitoring of requirements of clients in spare parts and we watch that in our warehouse the constant stock of necessary spare parts and expendable materials lay. It helps to deliver zapchast to the car in as much as possible short terms - as consequence, the client does not have the losses connected with idle time technicians. This year we have succeeded in development of deliveries of spare parts and expendable materials, having increased our central warehouse - now only in our Petersburg warehouse of spare parts and expendable materials approximately on 3 million, it is the largest warehouse of spare parts and expendable materials for the wood technics to Russia, plus those spare parts which are in warehouses of our dealers. Certainly, if to look at a Russia map, nine service points of service it is a little, however it is the most developed network of service dealers for the wood technics in Russia, and we are not going to stop on it. Now at the company two representations in St.-Petersburg and Khabarovsk and service dealers in Petrozavodsk, Syktyvkar, Arkhangelsk, Korjazhme (Arkhangelsk region), Belozerske (the Vologda area), Perm, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk. This year branches John Deere in Syktyvkar, Tikhvin open, the warehouse of spare parts and posleprodazhnyj service in Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region is organised. And in plans of the company for the next year opening of several more offices.

if to speak about cooperation we also keep in touch and with the educational institutions preparing experts in the field of timber cutting, we try to help them a teaching material, concerning timber cuttings by means of our cars.

BG: That you could tell about the legislation operating in territory of the Russian Federation concerning import in the country of the foreign technics?

H. H: As a whole I consider that Russian LPK develops, investments grow. The key factor for fast growth - the enterprises should have the newest both most effective technologies and the equipment in the field of timber cutting and derevopererabotki. John Deere, as well as in all other countries, observes the legislation in the field of import in the country of wood technics. Certainly, from the point of view of our clients the foreign technics is very expensive, therefore lesozagotovitelnye the enterprises have positively concerned time cancellation of the customs duties on import harvesterov and valochno - packaging cars. This year company John Deere begins installation of new engines which correspond to the standard Euro - 3 / Tier III that allows to reduce the customs duties by other part of our technics from 10 % to 5 %. John Deere for a long time already in the Russian market, and we had a good cooperation with customs bodies - we give the information in customs about the imported goods even before crossing by the border goods, that is we work on preliminary declaring that allows to spend customs clearing of party of spare parts on the average for one - two days. As to technics as a whole, of course, John Deere gives a full package of documents for cargo declaring even before sending of the car from factory that also reduces passage of customs formalities to a minimum.

volume vyvozki wood for the first half of the year 2005 - 2006

export Volumes on regions of Russia ()

the Source: Lesprom indastri consulting .

Presence modern lesozagotovitelnyh cars of foreign manufacture in Russia

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wood Preparation (million cubic
1988 325,3

1991 227,5

1992 174,2

1993 130,5

1994 134,1

1995 110,5

1996 98

1997 121,6

2000 130

2001 128

2002 122,8

2003 124,9

2004 127

the Source: Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources.