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Ecology Radiation to Primorski Krai not proniklavchera the department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Primorski Territory has directed to the sheet to consulate general of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in the Find official inquiry concerning the conducted nuclear test. in inquiry we ask to give the full information on the given fact - has informed and. An island of the head of department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Alexey Gubarev. As he said, the measurements of a radiating background spent in Vladivostok and in the south of Primorski Krai on October, 9-11th, have not revealed norm excess. today (on October, 11th) level of a radiating background has made nine microX-ray at an o`clock. The admissible level of a radiating background established by ecological norms in Russia, 20 microX-ray at an o`clock - mister Gubarev has noted. According to Primorskgidrometa, radionuklidov an artificial origin which could get to air at carrying out of nuclear test in Northern Korea, in analyses of soil, air and water in edge territory it is not revealed. Let`s remind that on Monday of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has made underground nuclear test in the disctrict of the city of Kilchzhu, located approximately in 200 km from border with Russia.
Alexey Tchernyshev, Vladivostok

Customs the Blagoveshchensk frontier transition have resulted in sootvetstvievchera a cargo check point of the Blagoveshchensk customs has received as a gift a new office building. The two-storeyed premise has been constructed by the proprietor of frontier transition of Joint-Stock Company Trading port Blagoveshchensk also it is gratuitously transferred customs officers and frontier guards. On July, 18th last year the governor of the Amur region Leonid Korotkov has signed the decision about check point reduction in conformity to standards. Building has begun on July, 26th, 2005, and on May, 27th this year the building was already ready. Then almost four months legalised papers. If earlier employees of state bodies have been compelled to work in wooden and iron carriages after Vladimir Putin`s statement for necessity of putting in order at customs the port had to be enclosed in improvement of working conditions. It is transferred in free using, - the general director of port Vasily Rudenko before solemn cutting of a ribbon has informed gathered. - the building has managed in 28 million rbl., we took the credit for building, therefore we ask to make thrifty use and faster to work . As has noted g - n Rudenko, now registration of cars and the courts working on is export - import transportations, will be spent in comfortable conditions. However, at first officials should buy the remained furniture and to complete a building with the equipment. While ordinary customs officers and frontier guards continue to work in old premises.
Pavel Koshelenko, Blagoveshchensk

Border Habarovchanin has read the book - raritetvchera the management of Far East customs office has informed on suppression of attempt of export abroad through a customs post the Airport Khabarovsk the rare book. 53 - summer habarovchanin which name is not disclosed, followed on rest to Thailand through Seoul and wanted to grasp with itself Nikolay Karamzin`s book Russian State History editions of 1889. Having specified in the declaration the currency sum, he has not mentioned a curiosity. As have told in a press - service DVTU, the infringer was surprised, when from it have withdrawn the book, - as he said, at it it is a lot of similar books and sometimes it takes them with itself(himself) in travel to esteem. According to the experts who have made the preliminary analysis, the book is of value and cannot be taken out for limits of the Russian Federation. At the moment it have given for examination by which results against the owner criminal case can be brought.
Ernest Filippovsky

Tax bearers have overpaid the Finance more than 1 mlrd rublejv to the Irkutsk region this year, by data on the beginning of October, the overpayment under the profit tax of the organisations has made 1,2 mlrd rbl., the assistant to the head of region Sergey Voronov has informed. He has noticed that now the administration of the region carries on negotiations with the largest tax bearers that they have postponed compensation of the overpaid tax. According to the project of the budget of area for 2007, receipts of the profit tax of the organisations will make 23 % from a total sum of incomes. It is the second for volumes of receipts in the regional budget the tax, on the first place - the tax to incomes of physical persons (37 %). As it was informed earlier, in 2005 in the Irkutsk region the overpayment under the profit tax has made 1,299 mlrd rbl. That makes 15 % from all receipts of the given tax last year in the regional budget. Offset of the overpaid sums of the tax is carried out within 2006. The profit tax in the sum of incomes of the regional budget of 2005 has made 25,1 %, the given tax has arrived more than 8,5 mlrd rbl. indicator Growth by 2004 has made 5,7 %.
RIA the Siberian news

Game rules Land management brakes country amnesty In the Irkutsk region the law about country amnesty it is realised very slowly. As has informed yesterday on a press - conferences the chief of department of analytical and methodical work of Management of federal registration service across the Irkutsk region and Ust - to Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region Michael Zhiljaev, since September, 1st only 120 persons have registered the rights to country participants and constructions on them. Behind consultation on country amnesty 500 inhabitants of area have addressed. Thus only in territory of Irkutsk 82 gardenings, and 302 - in Irkutsk area are registered. Total number of gardenings of the Irkutsk region g - n Zhiljaev has found it difficult to name, having noticed only that the further from big cities, the it is less than them . We will remind, since September, 1st the law " has come into force; About modification of some acts of the Russian Federation concerning registration in the simplified order of the rights of citizens on separate objects of real estate . The document allows to legalise in the simplified order all earlier not issued constructions on the country sites, together with sites in the developed sizes. G - n Zhiljaev considers that the reason of low activity of citizens - weak knowledge about country amnesty and the high prices for carrying out zemleustroitelnyh works. However, as the official has noted, last problem can shortly dare: At the nearest session the Irkutsk parliament should consider the problem on an establishment of the maximum size of the price for carrying out of such works.
Alexander Terentyev, Irkutsk

Incident In Transbaikalia children were lost from explosion granatyv the past Tuesday three children in village Shishkino (the Chita area, the Chita region) were lost from grenade explosion. As has told a source in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chita area, near to village there is a military range Red Jar. Possibly, there children have found a fighting grenade without checks which could remain from doctrines with application of the fighting weapon - the interlocutor of the edition has assumed. Under the informal version of the Office of Public Prosecutor, the senior from lost children, ten years` Dima Matafonov, has brought a grenade in a court yard of the house 3 along the street New. The boy together with the six-year brother and the five years` girl from the next village Streamlets have tried to disassemble a dangerous find and have started to knock on it a hammer therefore there was an explosion. Now on a tragedy place work it is investigatory - operative group and the expert - vzryvotehnik. Also the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Chita region the general - the major of militia Alexander Obuhov there left. The Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chita area is engaged in tragedy investigation.
Vadim Malyshev, Chita