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Three sisters

the Lithuanian State Small theatre has brought to two courses on the International theatrical festival the Baltic house performance of Rimasa Tuminasa under Chekhov`s play Three sisters . ELENA - GERUSOVA looked.
Three sisters known Lithuanian director Rimasa Tuminasa go in two actions. Also that happens with sisters behind side scenes, in an interval - the greatest riddle of this statement. In the first part play cynical, farcical, sometimes even circus, but disastrous Chekhov. To an interval of the sister (Olga - Vajda Bjutyte, Masha - Valda Bichkute, Irina - Elzhbieta Latenajte) - not so brought up, sometimes even opposite, one word batalonnye maidens. Wildly shout, are hung up on Vershinin, how much in vain offend doll Natasha (Ilona Kvietkute). Their brother Andrey (Audrius Bruzhas) has tolstenky unprofitable a tummy, goes on the third ballet position, carries velvet kurtochku and a bow on a neck. Household details of Rimas Tuminas refuses. Borders of the house of Prozorovyh are washed away. Actually, no house on a scene also is present. There is a podium at first covered with carpets and a flock of mixed bentwood chairs. Then white and in the ending a black canvas. Over a podium rusting whether kladbishchenskaja, whether garden ogradka, crucified over a scene on wooden krestovine. On it a fragment of a chair and any children`s toy. Scenography of Adomasa Jatskovisa.

In this first part of performance the pantomime marching under leadership of doctor Chebutykina (Gediminas Girdvajnis) of soldiers in underwear and why - that with pillows in hands is thought remarkably up. Pillows fight, them salute, them put on a head in the manner of Napoleonic cocked hats, they turn to entrenchments and sepulchral hillocks, snowdrifts and snowmen. Also we will put, from this farcical, cynical part it was possible to extend unexpected enough and far from axiomatic sense.

music to To three sisters the Lithuanian theatrical composer Faustas Latenas has written. It sounds constantly, but serves not as a background and at all implied sense, and moves apart action borders. It is wind military music. Mourning notes rush into waltz marches and develop into artillery volleys. In this part on - new significant there is a cruel trade of military men. Not simply, by Chekhov`s definition, the most noble people, and the people preparing for war, and can, and already at war. Probably, these Vilnius Three sisters and to Moscow - that cannot leave from - for these artillery volleys, can, the way is cut off. But it from area of imaginations to which this performance has.

after an interval there is a sharp demolition. The second action of Rimas Tuminas begins with a fire scene. Sisters and military men were in a moment changed, became serious, compassionate and suffering. To explain it it is resolutely impossible. Because these changes have happened not with heroes, style of the director`s statement, its intonation has suddenly changed. As if any switchman took and has translated without special explanations Three sisters on rails of a psychological drama. Because that for the unknown reasons the relation of the director to heroes changes, and stylistic rupture between actions seems huge. In the ending under a sad military melody three proof unfortunate sisters march, delaying on - to the military man socks. Life all - taki has put under a gun. In this drama action the farcical phenomena from the first certificate seem already simply jokes. They proceed now mainly from Natasha. For example, from - for plugs Natasha suits the hysterics because that has sat down was on a sofa, and the plug was densely thrust in buttocks. Here and Rimas Tuminas, seemingly, wanted was to recover Three sisters to thrust traditions a plug in back. And has then thought suddenly also to rigid, cynical Chekhov nevertheless has preferred habitual, sentimental.