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Mercedes-Benz has driven in the Russian car industry

In Naberezhnye Chelny KamAZ and Daimler have opened co-production Mercedes - Benz Traks Vostok . It will collect 4,5 thousand trucks of Mercedes-Benz with calculation through one - two years to double a share of this mark in the Russian market and to press cars of other companies the big seven . The Total amount of investments into the project has made almost 12 million euro. Analysts consider that to 2012 - to 2013 of the joint venture will occupy a minimum of 15 % of the market of foreign trucks in the Russian Federation and will pay back investments for three - five years.

in Naberezhnye Chelny co-production Daimler AG and KamAZa " has been solemnly opened; Mercedes - Benz Traks Vostok designed capacity of 4,5 thousand cars of year. Daimler AG invested in the joint venture of 5,9 million euro, about the same sum has enclosed KamAZ. As the general director of the joint venture Boris Billih has told at opening, in 2011 the enterprise will make 1,1 thousand cars. Press - service KamAza has specified that it will be Mercedes-Benz Actros models, Atego and Axor, assemblage of Mercedes-Benz Zetros and Unimog further is supposed. The factory exit on designed capacity is expected in 2012 - 2013.

joint venture Daimler AG and KamAZ - Open Company Mercedes - Benz Traks Vostok it has been created on an equal footing. The joint venture has begun work in the beginning of 2010 as the general importer of cargo and special cars of Mercedes-Benz in Russia. In 2011 the company intends to sell 2,5 thousand the cars which part will be imported from Europe. Manufacture of cars of the joint venture has started in October of last year. The first model became Mercedes-Benz Actros 1841 LS, intended for operation as a part of the lorry convoy in full weight to 44 tons.

project Times of recovery of outlay in the joint venture do not open, referring to a trade secret. As the director of department of sales and marketing of the joint venture Konstantin Kogogin, with the advent of new manufacture a share of trucks of Mercedes-Benz in Russia in a segment " has declared at opening; the big seven (it includes companies Scania, Volvo Trucks, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, IVECO and DAF) can grow with 10,2 to 22 %.

Boris Billih considers that the next years there will be an essential growth of the Russian market of trucks of foreign manufacture. In 2011 market capacity can grow to 15 thousand units of cars while in 2010 it made 12 thousand, in and 2009 - 5 thousand units. it enough big jump. Completely to use our capacities, it is necessary, that market capacity was about 25 thousand units. When it will occur, I do not know. Theoretically it can already be next year - mister Billih has told. He also has noticed that the company intends to participate in government programs on car industry support.

interrogated analysts consider that a problem to reach volumes of output Mercedes - Benz Traks Vostok in 4,5 thousand cars a year - ambitious enough but achievable. by our estimations, the market of import trucks in the given segment will make 16 thousand cars in 2011 and 24 thousand in 2012 so market capacity should be sufficient for a joint venture exit on the planned volumes of output - the analyst " has told; VTB - the Capital Vladimir Bespalov. In its opinion, on a total power the company can leave in 2013 at favorable development of the market . the Cargo market in Russia is restored more slowly, than automobile, but the potential of growth is enough big. Therefore joint venture plans are real - the director of analytical agency " has noted; avtostat Sergey Tselikov. certainly, such quantity of lorries will be claimed. After all the total amount of the Russian market of lorries makes now an order 350 - 370 thousand pieces, and during the nearest two - three years can increase to 460 - 480 thousand Besides at us big enough share (approximately 30 - 40 %) make old trucks which are subject to replacement, and it will promote also to successful realisation of production of the joint venture - the main expert UK " has told ; finam management Dmitry Baranov.

experts consider that the company can increase a share of presence of cars of mark of Mercedes-Benz the next years a minimum to 15 %. Vladimir Bespalov assumes that the share of the market of the joint venture will make 15 - 17 % in 2012 - 2013. Such increase in a share of the market probably as new manufacture, most likely, can offer trucks at more attractive price in comparison with current cost of import, besides in a segment of the main tractors the competition from the Russian manufacturers is rather weak - he has told . Mister Baranov says that MBTV can increase a share of the market and to planned 22 % during forthcoming two - three years when together with increase in all volume of the Russian market of lorries the share of foreign trucks on it " will grow also;. Interrogated analysts have estimated a possible recoupment of the project in three - five years. however if the situation in the market develops better probably that the time of recovery of outlay will be reduced to two - four years - Dmitry Baranov has noted.