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VTB and Gazprombank have broken away

the Most expensive project on road building in Russia — the central site of the Western high-speed diameter in St.-Petersburg — has got to a consortium where have entered VTB and Gazprombank. Almost 12 km of road investors promise to construct till 2014 for 120 mlrd rbl. from which the budget will allocate hardly less half. Kontsessionery count that after start this project will bring it annually 9,67 mlrd rbl.
Yesterday Smolnyj declared the winner who on the terms of concession will construct the central site of the Western high-speed diameter (ZSD) in the extent of 11,7 km. To them became Open Company the Highway of Northern capital (MSS), registered, according to EGRJUL, in March of this year. MSS it is based VTB, Gazprombank, Italian Astaldi, Turkish Mega Yapi and IC, and also Cyprian GPB Infrastructure. Shares of partners in a consortium are not disclosed.

the Won company has promised to construct site ZSD for three years, and the general expenses for the project taking into account building of an additional infrastructure will make 120 mlrd rbl. from which the investor brings 69,3 mlrd rbl., the rest - the budget of the Russian Federation. The minimum guaranteed income which should receive kontsessioner from operation of paid site ZSD, makes 9,67 mlrd rbl. a year. Under the agreement with Smolnym if MSS cannot earn this minimum the missing sum is compensated from the budget of St.-Petersburg. In a case if kontsessioner will earn more than the discussed minimum 90 % of superincomes will be paid in city budget. The chief of the department of financing of an infrastructure VTB the Capital Oleg Pankratov says that in some years incomes of line operation will exceed the minimum guaranteed income. President VTB Andrey Kostin representing yesterday in Smolnom demand MSS, counts that the project will pay off before end kontsessionnogo the agreement which subscribes for 30 years.

other applicant for this contract - Open Company Baltic kontsessionnaja the company the Highway (BKK; into consortium structure enters ten companies, among which the Investment Savings Bank the Terra Is new Vitaly Juzhilina, French Vinci, Belgian Jan de Nul) promised to give to city treasury all superincomes of operation of the future site of a highway. But BKK, suggested to construct a site for 110 mlrd rbl. in the current prices (119 billion rub - indeksirovannaja cost for the term of building), has lost. Smolnyj has not arranged offered BKK term of building three and a half a year and the minimum guaranteed income at level 16,15 mlrd rbl. from the VAT. Other applicant for the contract - South Korean Samsung, having passed prequalifying selection, has without assigning any reasons refused to participate in competition.

northern and southern sites ZSD already are under construction at the expense of federal and city budgets (the basic contractor - Mostootryad N 19 . Extent of all next paid diameter (including the central site) will make 46,6 km and will connect northern and southern areas of Petersburg. The general estimate - 199,2 mlrd rbl. from which 50,7 mlrd rbl. allocates investment fund of the Russian Federation, 54,2 mlrd rbl. - city budget, 25 mlrd rbl. - at the expense of placing of infrastructural bonds, the rest - means of investors.

the site which will build and maintain MSS, has appeared the most expensive part of the project. Moreover, this contract under the estimate has broken records among other large road buildings in Russia (see the table more in detail). The cost price of building of central part ZSD of 1 km will manage in 10,25 mlrd rbl. Representatives MSS explain such expenses to that the project provides building vantovogo the bridge through gulf of Finland, four bridges, a tunnel and a semitunnel. the project really difficult, but the cost price of building of almost similar road of 1 km on complexity from Vladivostok to island Russian manages in one and a half time more cheaply - the general director of Open Company " speaks; Mostootryad N 120 Gennady Kolesnichenko. The general director of Joint-Stock Company Institute Strojproekt Alexey Zhurbin doubts that the consortium will manage to finish building in 2014. The same fears during the announcement of results of competition the general director Baltic dnouglubitelnoj has expressed also the companies (enters into consortium BKK) Vladimir Blank. But president VTB Andrey Kostin has invited the mister of the Form to drive in three years on new road on E - a mobile phone . That there were no conjectures and a gossip, in kontsessionnom the agreement cost and terms of building without possibility of their increase " will be rigidly fixed; - has finished polemic the governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko. The agreement with MSS is planned to sign in December of this year, and to begin building - in the first quarter 2012 - go.

*69,3 mlrd rbl. investors - kontsessionery, 50,7 mlrd allocate rbl. - the budget of the Russian Federation.

** 36,5 mlrd rbl. investors - kontsessionery, 29,5 mlrd allocate rbl. - the budget of the Russian Federation.

*** means of the budget of the Russian Federation.

**** 8 mlrd the rbl. allocates the budget of Primorski Territory, 21 mlrd rbl. - the budget of the Russian Federation.

***** an estimation of experts. In 2011 design works should come to the end.

sources: Federal road agency, zakupki. gov. ru, the data of the companies.