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The veteran of aircraft has not held on before landing

Yesterday in a taiga of the Magadan area passenger-and-freight An let out almost half a century ago - 12 - at " has broken; the veteran the Russian aircraft as its pilots have transferred, in flight there was a leak of fuel and the engine has lighted up. To reach an accident place yet it was not possible from - for bad roads, a torrential rain and a strong fog, however the forecast of rescuers is unfavourable - 11 persons who were onboard, most likely, were lost.
as have told in Rosaviation, past Tuesday cargo An - 12, belonging to aviaproduction association from Komsomolska - on - the Cupid and transferred in leasing of the Khabarovsk company Avis - the Cupid made a charter flight from Komsomolska - on - the Cupid in Chukchi settlement Kaperveem. Onboard the transport worker there were eight crewmen, the representative of firm checking their work and the two businessmen accompanying 17,5 t of products, prepared for realisation on Chukotka.

the transport worker has safely landed at the intermediate airport of Magadan where it was refuelled by fuel, has headed for Kaperveem, however approximately in an hour of flight, at 16:39 local time (in Moscow was 7:39 mornings), the commander of a board has told to the earth the message that in the right engine of the car there was a fire from - for begun in it of fuel leak. At the moment of fire occurrence by the nearest for An - 12 was small airdrome being in 300 km from Magadan of settlement Omsukchan. There the crew also has directed the plane, having informed on it to the dispatcher.

however on communication pilots did not leave any more, and in some minutes the label of board number RA 11125 was gone from a dispatching radar. As have informed in the Far East regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, right after label disappearances have on air registered signals of an emergency beacon of An - 12 - it zapelengovali around settlement Omsukchan, but radio beacon work on the unknown person while to the reason has quickly stopped. Silence on air could mean only one - there was not an emergency landing, and accident.

having established that the plane has fallen approximately in 50 km from settlement Omsukchan, rescuers have immediately gone to failure area. And for searches used An - 26 companies IrAero (its An - 24 as informed has the day before collapsed at rigid landing in wood about the airport of Blagoveshchensk). However search operations within all light day of results have not brought. As have informed in the Ministry of Emergency Measures, find out a place of accident search engines could not from - for a dense fog, a storm rain and a difficult lay of land - failure has occurred in the mountains covered with dense coniferous wood. With approach of darkness air reconnaissance and at all should be stopped.

thus, the destiny of 11 persons who were onboard An - 12, is unknown. However rescuers believe that they have broken together with plane - in is mountain - woody district to find a place for landing it is almost impossible.

it is supposed that accident has occurred from - for deterioration of technics. According to Rosaviation, board RA 11125 was one of most elderly planes - the Tashkent aviaproduction association of a name of Tchkalov has let out it in 1963. Most likely, after switching-off from - for a fire of one engine others three simply have not coped with the loading which has dropped out on them - An - 12, we will remind, transported 17 t cargo, almost maximum weight on which it has been calculated.