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Armies of Pauljusa the Volgograd businessmen do not hand over department store

are ready to begin political hunger-strike if from them will take away created by them a museum of Pauljusa . To keep it, they have addressed to Vladimir Putin. But Ministries of culture and terupravlenie draw Rosimushchestva on transfer of 1300 sq. metres of the areas to the museum order - panoramas Stalingradsky fight . Observers consider that behind museum transfer there is a struggle for the areas of a prestigious building in the centre of Volgograd.
with the offer to fix the areas in building TSUMa on which it is located a museum of Pauljusa for FGUK the Museum - a panorama Stalingradsky fight the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has addressed in Minekonomrazvitie. On it in July has informed in the letter to one of the former proprietors of a building to Valery Krivtsov department of a cultural heritage and the fine arts of Minkulta. From the letter follows that it is made Exclusively with a view of the further preservation of an operating thematic exposition, so carefully and carefully collected at your participation .

Yesterday the representative of a museum - panoramas Stalingradsky fight Tatyana Prikazchikova has confirmed that the offer on acceptance of 1300 sq. metres and updating being there a museum of Pauljusa really it has arrived. A museum - a panorama Stalingradsky fight is ready to undertake it. first 10 million roubles on this object are already provided, is created tematiko - the exposition plan, the concept is developed, there are thoughts on design - madam Prikazchikova has informed.

Businessmen, in turn, categorically do not agree to give the museum which they have created on own means and for which maintenance every year gave on some millions roubles. Yesterday one of leaders of initiative group Natalia Pokusova (in TSUMe it is the mistress of department Souvenirs ) Has informed that they about it send the letter to Vladimir Putin. civil servants, using the office position, try to select or rejderski to grasp that never belonged to them - an exposition created by the people on the means and for the people - so treat events businessmen. They have declared that for the sake of museum preservation will go on hunger-strike: And it will have political character .

the Museum of Pauljusa has been created in 2003 in memory of historical event - capture here in 1943 of field marshal Pauljusa that marked the termination of Stalingradsky fight. The museum has settled down in a cellar of a prestigious building in the centre of Volgograd. But here already more the Central Department Store half a year which historical part is estimated in 6000 sq. metres, is a subject of sharp disputes between the state structures and the former private proprietors of a building. On November, 10th, 2010 the decision of presidium of regional court where has addressed regional THAT Rosimushchestva, its privatisation from 1994 has been recognised by illegal and the state ownership right behind a building is recognised. And in January, 2011 the governor of region Anatoly Brovko has declared that here the national centre " ostensibly will settle down; the Victory . But the former proprietors continue to challenge judgements, and the most part of premises, including a cellar of Pauljusa on - former the businessmen which term of rent expires only in November occupy.

tenants consider that history with museum transfer (about 1300 sq. metres) - only an occasion that to stimulate clearing of the areas. Natalia Pokusova considers as one more link of this process going now in Arbitration court of the Volgograd region trial. In June there has addressed THAT Rosimushchestva across the Volgograd region to force the businessmen renting the areas in a cellar, to release them before the expiry of the term of their subrent as it is ostensibly illegal.

all of us will equally prove the case in courts and we will return this building - the representative of one of proprietors Valery Krivtsov has declared yesterday . Thus he has noticed that now in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation there is one of supervising complaints of the former proprietors, and VS in May has already requested in the Central regional court of Volgograd contentious case materials. Everything, according to Valery Krivtsov, now in courts is an order of 30 claims which that or otherwise challenge the decision of regional judicial instance on a building deprivation, to Volgograd, in particular, already there came the representative of the Strasbourg court.

Yesterday in terupravlenii Rosimushchestva have not specified, why premises are released ahead of schedule and why the building and has not passed in the regional property.

the Volgograd expert Karen Tumanjants (UK the Financial broker August ) considers history not so beautiful . In - the first, terms of contest of legality of privatisation of this building have passed for a long time already. And the second - is not absolutely clear, why the state has decided to struggle for preservation cultural - a historical heritage by otema buildings, instead of through arrangements. Though it would be possible to impose additional obremenenija on proprietors - that they put in order a historical place. Such tendency now in Russia, which has not enough means to keep in order all memorable places, it is welcomed .