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Owners have let out the Caspian energy

As it became known , the state Incorporated ship-building corporation (OSK) will receive actual control over group the Caspian energy . At present owners the Caspian energy remains no more than 20 % of actions, approximately on 40 % will buy structures OSK and portfelnyj the investor operating in interests of corporation. Participants of the market assert that the Caspian energy it is necessary OSK to receive large orders for building of platforms and courts for LUKOIL deposits on Caspian sea.
transaction details on control transition over group " became known; the Caspian energy to OSK. Last week the Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has given out to the Khabarovsk ship-repair factory (enters in OSK) the permission to purchase of 41 % of actions the Caspian energy . But sources in branch assert that Ilya Kokarev and Dmitry Paltsev which now are the basic shareholders the Caspian energy will reserve no more than 20 % of actions. A press - secretary OSK Alexey Kravchenko has informed that the corporation will have the largest package that will allow to carry out administrative control . About 40 % of actions the investor who will operate in interests of corporation buys certain portfelnyj, specify sources . Then OSK can legally increase the share, having redeemed a package part - adds one of them. The new general director the Caspian energy (now it is headed by Ilya Kokarev) there is Dmitry Sapov - the former top - the manager of group who has passed recently in department of civil shipbuilding OSK.

In the Caspian energy enter inzhiniringovoe Open Company the Center of sea technologies the Shelf Open Company the Astrakhan ship-building production association ( the Lotus Astrakhan karabel and Factory of a name of III Internatsionala) and service Open Company Crane Marin Kontraktor .

According to sources in the market, idea of purchase the Caspian energy belongs eks - the head of board of directors OSK vitse - to prime minister Igor Sechinu. Through the Caspian energy the corporation can get access to LUKOIL projects on building of a platform and courts for development of oil deposits of Caspian sea. According to Alexey Kravchenko, OSK the service battalion having " is interesting also; practical experience on building and service sea ledostojkih platforms in particular, the Caspian oil platform of a name of Korchagina which nachla to work on LUKOIL deposit in 2010. Its cost was estimated at level 20 mlrd rbl.

the Source , close to OSK, adds that the corporation is interested in the tender of LUKOIL for building of a platform for a deposit Filanovsky which development is planned since 2015. In LUKOIL said that as contractors consider the Astrakhan companies . The president of LUKOIL Vahid Alakbarov in 2009 promised that the volume building - installation works on Caspian sea will make $12 mlrd, and will carry out them the Russian suppliers . Also the competence of a service battalion the Caspian energy can be necessary OSK for platform service Prirazlomnaja which the corporation completes in Murmansk.

shareholders the Caspian energy did not want to leave group on the threshold of new orders for Caspian sea, mark sources , but the group is burdened by debts. According to the reporting for 2010 on RSBU, credits and loans The Caspian energy (2,5 mlrd rbl.) exceeded its gain (2,3 mlrd rbl.), besides that the group was at a loss, and all debt - short-term. Certainly, reporting RSBU nepokazatelna - at least because production cycles in shipbuilding long and the gain of shipyards shows periodically that falling, growth Michael Pak from IK " marks; Aton . But it is impossible to exclude, he specifies that at affiliated structures the Caspian energy which in the reporting are not consolidated, too the big debts. factories the Caspian energy will demand considerable modernisation - adds Nadezhda Malysheva from PortNews. In its opinion, without OSK the group hardly would receive large orders: technical and ecological requirements to platforms grow.