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Yesterday at session of presidium of political council of the Volgograd regional branch an United Russia to the head of administration of Dubovsky area, Party member Vladimir Klochkovu collecting is declared. The official formulation - for the actions, parties causing a damage . One of the claims, put forward to the official - to the United Russia party member, - the conflicts untied by it to some Party members. According to one of members of presidium, for Vladimir Klochkova this party collecting can appear nonunique. If collectings will be two - that the head of administration of Dubovsky area can be excluded from the party. We will remind, in Dubovsky area political scandal in which centre there was a head of municipal union was played. Group of active workers from among inhabitants of area have spent already some pickets in Dubovke and Volgograd for resignation of mister Klochkova. On one of protest actions its organizers declared the beginning of petition of inhabitants of area, not interested persons more to participate in any elections. Organizers of pickets declare that the official affords brazen violations of laws. It is a question and about illegal, according to judgements, employment of relatives, and about revealed pravoohraniteljami infringements in ground relations.