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Property repartition

the Company himpromtorg has sold 30,0318 % of the actions of Open Society Volgogradenergosbyt ( VES ) To the companies Restart LD and Universal technologies . The information on the transaction is opened on August, 8th. As it was possible to find out , Joint-Stock Company University - technologies Sergey and Irina Ishchenko, and Open Company " own; Restardt LD - Efim Starostin. Each of the companies managed a package about 15 percent. But in VES yet do not open a transaction detail. Analysts of the market of electric power industry do not exclude that new shareholders affilirovany from Open Company energostrim owning already approximately vosemju the marketing companies in different regions of Russia: in the Belgorod, Chita, Kursk, Omsk, Oryol, Smolensk, Tomsk and Tver areas. We will notice that the day before in Volgogradenergosbyte have confirmed that the part of actions has passed under control energostrima . Earlier the analyst on electric power industry Yury Podkovyrov (Rye, Man and Gor Securities) noticed that for energostrima Possession of the companies " is characteristic; through some offshore, a share of each of which usually does not exceed 30 % that allows energostrimu not to do the obligatory offer on the repayment of actions of other shareholders, provided by the legislation for buyers more than 30 % of a share in the company . At the same time, around VES the scandal connected with the conflict of shareholders proceeds. TD Power service (he and affilirovannye with it shareholders own a package approximately in 37 % of actions) insists on illegality of actions of management VES after July, 20th of this year. In particular, illegal they consider carrying out of annual general meeting of shareholders, election of new board of directors and the new general director. Thus in TD Power service refer to definition of the Twelfth arbitration appeal court (Saratov) where has addressed TD Power service It was forbidden to them to prepare, convoke, hold the general annual meeting of shareholders appointed for July, 20th, and also to make on it of the decision, on what VES has been notified by court enforcement officers. In TD Power service also declared earlier that it is necessary to check up, whether the nominee of the new general director is brought in the State register of legal bodies.