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Alexey Gordeyev send “ a steam locomotive “

Yesterday in the Voronezh region have come to the end prajmeriz “ the All-Russian popular front “ (ONF) on selection of candidates of the State Duma from region under lists “ an United Russia “. Voting was won by governor Alexey Gordeyev who becomes “ a steam locomotive “ the list. Three places behind it, predictably, were occupied with deputies of the State Duma from region Galina Karelova, Yury Isaev and Sergey Tchizhov. The Voronezh United Russia party members expect to spend to the lower chamber five representatives. On two “ checkpoints “ places apply at once some persons, including the basic owner of holding “ Molvest “ Arcady Ponomarev and the leader “ the Congress of Russian communities “ Alexey Zhuravlyov.
the head of a regional public reception of Vladimir Putin, the deputy of regional Duma Vyacheslav Astankov (co-ordinates prajmeriz ONF in the Voronezh region) has told About results of preliminary voting „“. As he said, voting was won by governor Alexey Gordeyev. “ the head of region really has credit of trust from voters and Party members, besides, in all honesty, at us have got used to count on “first person“ “ - mister Astankov has noted. Three regions of a place following the head were occupied with deputies of the State Duma from area: Galina Karelova, Yury Isaev and Sergey Tchizhov. “ concerning following places of the accurate information while is not present, last voting has just ended, results are counted up and reduced together “ - mister Astankov has noted. According to preliminary data, on the fifth line it has appeared vitse - the speaker of regional Duma and head regotdelenija “ an United Russia “ Vladimir Netesov. The pro-rector of the Voronezh state university Vasily Popov, the basic owner of holding have got to first ten " also; Molvest “ the deputy of regional Duma Arcady Ponomarev, and also the representative “ the Congress of Russian communities “ Alexey Zhuravlyov who enters into Dmitry Rogozin`s command, and the deputy of regional parliament Oksana Horonzhuk. Among leaders prajmeriz there was no only one deputy of the State Duma of new convocation from region - Tatyana Meshcherjakovoj who have received the mandate after recent transition of the former co-owner of Open Society “ Minudobrenija “ (Rossosh) Nikolay Olshansky in federation Council.

Vyacheslav Astankov has noticed that prajmeriz have passed “ without serious conflicts “: “ There were some disagreements between young candidates and representatives of the senior generation. The youth demanded to itself a place in the State Duma, referring to “quota“ for them. However I against reception of so responsible posts thanks to any “quota“. As show results of voting as electors " thought also;. Any of young candidates was not beat out in leaders of voting.

we will remind that United Russia party members did not begin to divide the Voronezh region on two territorial groups by an example of elections in the State Duma of 2007 and this time will act as one list on region. The high-ranking sources „“ in the party in power and regional administration specified that United Russia party members expect to spend to the State Duma five representatives and to repeat success of four-year prescription. It is necessary to notice that, proceeding from the data July sotsoprosov, the party in power can have problems with realisation of this problem. According to the Voronezh institute of public opinion “ Kvalitas “ Per lot the authorities are ready to vote only 27 % of respondents - inhabitants of regional capital that in recalculation from a share intended to vote voters (on elections 26 % interrogated do not plan to go) will make about 48 % of voices. Thus the rating of trust to governor Gordeyev among traditional protestno adjusted voronezhtsev makes, by data “ Kvalitasa “ 56 %. We will remind that in the city territory on elections in 2007 “ an United Russia “ has received only 48,15 % of voices. Political scientist Vladimir Slatinov believes that mister Gordeyev can become “ a good steam locomotive of campaign “ because voters “ while it is close not assotsiirujut the United Russia party member - the governor with party promptly losing electoral position “.

Observers do not exclude that results prajmeriz and the total regional list “ an United Russia “ can strongly differ. “ Prajmeriz not the ultimate truth, it has been proved set of times by last elective campaigns. Therefore in lists can appear and the federal “stars“, any director or the actor, the large businessman or the minister who has sat up in the armchair “ - political strategist Alexander Kosyrev considers. In its opinion, “ with the big share of probability it is possible to speak about four candidates through passage “ from the party in power, and “ the fifth place in the State Duma will depend on efficiency of elective campaign “.