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NetByNet it is connected to Chernozem region

the Internet - provider NetByNet supervised “ the Megaphone “ carries on negotiations for purchase of two chernozemnyh the companies: Kursk Open Company “ better. net “ (a trade mark “ Svoε “) and the Voronezh Open Company “ Digital communication “ (trade mark Joxnet). Transactions on acquisition of 100 % of shares of both providers are already approved by antimonopoly service. Analysts notice that “ better. net “ takes in the lead positions in Kursk, in case of company NetByNet purchase will receive in market SHPD of a city not less than 40 %. Absorption of two providers, according to experts, will manage NetByNet approximately in $16 - 18 million
Yesterday it became known that the Federal antimonopoly service of Russia has satisfied Open Company petitions “ Net Baj Net Holding “ about acquisition of 100 % of shares in an authorised capital stock of Kursk Open Company “ better. net “ (a trade mark “ Svoε “) And the Voronezh Open Company “ Digital communication “ (trade mark Joxnet). In NetByNet yesterday have not answered inquiry „“.

By data “ SPARK - Interfax “ Open Company gain “ better. net “ for 2009 has made 65,6 million rbl., a loss - 760 thousand rbl. Co-owners of the company are Alexey Kosarev (47,5 %), Valentina Halina (47,5 %), Igor Belousov (5 %). The general director - Sergey Halin. Open Company “ Digital communication “ belongs to Anna Borisovoj, the company is headed by Sergey Sumenko. Financial indicators do not reveal. Both companies are the Internet - providers.

In Open Company “ Digital communication “ comments have refused, having referred to absence of a management. The assistant to the general director of Open Company “ better. net “ Alexey Kosarev has confirmed „“ that negotiations with the company “ Net Baj Net Holding “ Now are conducted, but terms of their end are not known yet. He has specified also that at the company about 45 thousand subscribers in Kursk. Under own data “ better. net “ the company occupies about 40 % of the market of broadband access (SHPD) cities. The basic competitors of the company in the local market are “ Strim “ (MTS), “ a Biline “ (“ Vympelcom “), Puzzle (NetByNet), “ Domolink “ (“ Rostelecom “), “ ΚσπρκOnLine “ (Joint-Stock Company project “ Kursktelekom “), AksInet (Open Company “ Aksinet “) .

we Will remind that itself NetByNet in June, 2011 has been bought for $270 million “ the Megaphone “. The provider works in Moscow (about 10 % of the market) and regions of Chernozem region (Voronezh, Lipetsk, the Eagle, Kursk, Belgorod and Stary Oskol, more than 60 thousand subscribers and about 5 % of the market). Negotiations about purchase NetByNet also conducted “ Rostelecom “ and MTS. NetByNet earlier worked in Chernozem region under brand Puzzle. It is necessary to notice that “ the Megaphone “ it has appeared last of operators “ the big three “ bought actives in macroregion market SHPD.

as the general director has explained is information - analytical agency Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov, before “ the Megaphone “ now there is a problem on escalating of user`s base NetByNet. “ the Corporate segment is already mastered by the company, but with private clients still it is necessary to work. The basic way of fast escalating of a share in the market - acquisition of already existing providers. Creation of own company - too long way, is necessary not less than year to acquire own subscribers and to develop a network. Therefore operators buy up in regions operating local actives “ - mister Kuskov has added. According to the expert, Open Company purchase “ better. net “ and Open Company “ Digital communication “ logically keeps within strategy NetByNet. “ I Think, it even not last transaction in Chernozem region during the current year “ - the expert considers.

according to Telecom Daily, Open Company “ better. net “ is one of leaders of Kursk market SHPD (about 33 % of the market). Cost of such company can make an order of $13 - 15 million At most NetByNet in Kursk about 10 thousand subscribers, in case of Open Company acquisition “ better. net “ the company share in a city will grow to 40 % and above that “ Will automatically make the provider the leader of local market SHPD “. Open Company purchase “ Digital communication “ Denis Kuskov has estimated as dot acquisition of user`s base. At total amount of the market of private subscribers of Voronezh in 180 thousand households (data Telecom Daily for August, 2011) “ Digital communication “ covers hardly more than 10 thousand subscribers. Therefore its share in the market is too small, that it is essential to affect positions NetByNet in Voronezh where the company is included into a three of leading providers, but concedes to the leader - “ to Rostelecom “.

the Analyst of investment company “ finam “ Tatyana Zemtsov agrees with an estimation “ better. net “ at level of $13 - 15 million, and cost Voronezh “ Digital communication “ it has estimated at level $3 million “ the Sphere of data transmission unlike actually already generated market of vocal services keeps considerable potential of growth. On this background acquisition of strong local operators SHPD by large players looks quite expediently, this process for certain will proceed “ - summarised the expert.