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ONF has finished prajmeriz in the Eagle

Yesterday late at night in the Oryol region have summed up prajmeriz the All-Russian popular front (ONF) on selection of candidates for the State Duma from region. Supervising elections in region the deputy of the State Duma from the Nizhniy Novgorod region Anton`s Novel has told that, according to preliminary data, prajmeriz governor Alexander Kozlov who has received 2414 electoral vote has won. The second line has occupied g - n Antons (2053 voices), third - Nikolay Kovalev (1089 voices), representing region in operating structure of the State Duma. One more representative of the Oryol region in the lower chamber Stepan Shorshorov has appeared among outsiders prajmeriz. Local United Russia party members specified earlier that the optimistical scenario for them is delegation in the State Duma of two representatives, but they consider as the realistic forecast promotion of one member of parliament. Let`s remind that Alexander Kozlova and Romana Antonova leadership in a course prajmeriz was challenged as illegitimate by a number of electors and Party members most status of which was the deputy of a regional council Pavel Merkulov (became on prajmeriz to the sixth, having typed 875 voices), addressed with complaints to federal party leadership of the power. Subsequently they, however, disavowed own statements. It is necessary to notice also that the head of region with the big share of probability can not keep the place at the head of the list of candidates from an United Russia on elections in the State Duma. The head of presidium gensoveta parties Sergey Neverov named the Oryol region among regions where governors are not recommended to lead the list of party within the limits of federal campaign. However it is expected that Alexander Kozlov will head the list an United Russia on elections in a regional council which also will pass in December.